Monday, 28 February 2011

3 Day of competition Mui Ne

Hello everybody

Yesterday was the 3th day of the competition here in Vietnam and started the second single of the competition. The wind picked up again like usually at 1 O'clock to give the start signal for the first heats. Due my 6th place result in the double from the day before I was already in the second round where I would meet Bubble who advanced against Tilo who's not really lucky with he's opponents here.

The wind was pretty strong and I was actually a bit overpowered in the gusts on my 4.3 but made a perfect heat with my first skopu's in my live during a competition and finally some really good burners. True this moves I could advance against Bubble and would be up against Taty Frans again. To fight for a top 4 place.

It's pretty much an impossible jump but I gave my best, I started with a nice kono followed by one of my biggest shaka's on the way in so far for me. On the way out I didn't sail so perfect in the beginning but could pick up my game again in the second half of the heat and made another skopu on the way out. I also almost did one on the way in but just ruined it at the end when I actually already had the move so that was bit of a bummer. But still did Burner and culo coming in so had a pretty good heat! Effectually it was a very close call with a 2-1 decision losing by half a point from Taty which was really good but also a bit frustrating as I lost yesterday also by half a point against Steven.

The rest of the day where the finals with some great action and the first double loops from Taty and sick air chacho from Golitto. But on the way in it was Kiri who was really ruling against any other sailing doing everything in the air and at least 1 meter higher than the rest to secure he's first place again against Golitto who was really on fire today!

Today we have the double so I hope I can work up till 6th or even 5th place again as Steven was injured yesterday at he's knee from he's pushloop against Tonky the other day, but maybe will try to sail again today to defend he's 5th place, we will see!

Stay tuned

Cheers Dieter

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