Tuesday, 15 July 2014

EFPT Lanzarote 3rd place with Tow in

Hello Everybody

A few days ago the second EFPT stop of the year ended at Lanzarote. Being one of my favorite locations to travel to I was looking forward to a great event with a good chance for wind.. Well at least that’s normally the case on the canaries in summer anyway, but sadly enough not during the event.

We got close a few times but as it turned out the wind just took a 4 day break during the event, with a good day of sailing a day before and after the event… How unlucky can we be right? So during all the waiting at the beach for wind, Anxton Oteagui knew the forecast wasn’t looking to good and decided to run a tow-in contest with 2000 euro price money for the top 10.

With one day the qualification round and the next day the final the public could see a bit of windsurfing rather than nothing. My qualification run went quite allright and managed to get 3rd to go into the final, which feels pretty good as I crashed every single move in Podersdorf last time I did tow-in..

So the final was up and I was in 7th place on the starting list. Looking to the scores of the qualifying heats I knew my best chance would be the double funnel. I got around quite good the first one but the second rotation wasn’t really perfect as the noise caught the water to early, luckily I managed to keep standing on the board and get an allright first score.. After that we had 2 more attempts, after crashing my skopu attempt and seeing everyone else stomp good moves I knew I had to do my best tow-in move ever if I wanted to get a good result. So said so done, I came flying out my double airfunnel and knew I would have a good score, not enough to win but just enough to get on to the podium for the first time ever in a tow-in contest. 

Although we got unlucky with the wind the organisation did an amazing job and made it a really fun event again! Can’t wait till next year but hopefully with real wind this time! Next up PWA Fuerteventura!!

Cheers Dieter