Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Windless Tarifa and Exames with some winds!

Hello everybody

My first update of the year and where already are past the first half of Januarie, but now I finally found the time to ride an update and tell you why its been so beasy the past weeks scince my last update.

Lets first start with my second week in Tarifa with only 3 lightwind sessions and a lot of normal surfing. After newyear there was some hoop that it would get windy again but the forcast never turned out never to be wath they told beside the waves they where giving! My first surfday of the year was one with light onshore wind which made it not the best conditions to train, but the perfect moment to test my new 98 flare 2011 for the first time for lighter wind conditions. For faster plaining it was perfect and it still felt as a small board instead of feeling to big as I first thought it would be. It gave me just that volume more which I needed for those light wind conditions. Definetly a board I will take with me to place's with lower wind expectations although I still prefer my 88 whenever I can use it.
In the end we got 2 more days of that and nothing more, Tarifa was in the end a bit disapointing this year with only 2 really good sailing they, BUT also for sure my best wavesailing day so far in my live!

When I came back home it was another story than surfing and holiday, my exames started so even though I already studied a bit during my vacation it was time to get really behind my books and study for my exames. So far I already had 2 done which went really good and tomorrow I have my 3th followed by next week where I have 2 more exames. As you can see I have 5 exames in 3 weeks which gives me the time to go surfing now and than if I learn a bit longer one day to surf the next day. Thats how I had one great session but also 2 really dissapointing sessions when I arrived and went on the water just as the wind dropped away and 1 good session.

The great session was during last week. My friend Kristof picked me up to go to brouwersdam for the whole afternoon, with 25knts wzw that Windguru gave it promised to become a great afternoon. And it was even better than they preducted 30 knts of wind Severne S-1 4.0 ready rigged to go and of we went for a 3 hour sail with around 8°C and only 5 people in the pool at Brouwersdam. In the beginning I was whering a cap but after half an hour I really was having it to hot that I put it of and could sail without cap or gloves in the middle of January. The best day from 2011 so far!! The other day was on a 4.7 just enough power (as I left my 5.3 at home because they gave 24 knts whole day) and gusty wind but again not cold and some nice sailing for about 2 hours.

Here are still some pictures from me on my flare 98 and S-1 5.3

Now I have to go studying again for my exame tomorrow, getting back cold here in Belguim time to escape soon!! more about that in my next blog which will come much faster as this one!!

Cheers Dieter