Monday, 25 June 2012

Study and Play

Hello Everybody

 It’s been a hectic few weeks the last month with some good sailing at home and a lot of work for school. The last 2 weeks I had exams which where luckily well spread out from each other so I hope I past them both.

It was a consistent planning of hours of studying and hours of sailing. I think there is no better motivation for studying for me than knowing that I can go sail the next day or just had a great session. In the past few weeks there have been an average of 2-3 sailing days a week which isn’t bad and one storm that past by with winds around 35 to 45 knts for 2 days which gave a lot of jumping fun even on a lake.

 The storm was pretty good being max out on my S1 4.0 (my father was sailing the same size) it was pretty hard to do freestyle and with the strongest wind in the morning on Sunday I took a wave board and just went for back loops on the lake. After making a high score of 3 back loops in one run I decided to go for a bit of overpowered freestyle sailing. In the beginning I was still fully overpowered and couldn’t do too much but as it became later on the day the wind dropped a bit and freestyle got possible again. After sailing 6 hours that day I was just dead tiered as the day before was also already a day of overpowered sailing.

 Besides the 2 strong days we also had a lot of days on 4.8 at Brouwersdam with wind from the North and the east which is a bit gustier but was still a lot of great fun! My dad was filming a bit some of the sessions and I just pretty much finished the movie of it so this should be out really soon, just a few moves put together with a bit of music while I was sailing with the prototypes of the Freek from Severne.

Now I’m in Lanzarote where I will probably stay for 2 weeks before heading out to Fuerteventura to prepare myself for the next PWA stop there end of July.

Cheers Dieter