Monday, 27 September 2010

Sylt Day 2-4

hello everybody

The past days been very busy with staying standby on the beach as I was in one of the first heats.

Day 2 was still okay with some relaxing and watching the surfers taking the nice waves there where that day and also enjoying the sun for the last day before the wind should kick in for the next day.

Day 3 started with a lot of rain, wet clothes and cold temperatures compared to day 2. The wind was nothing but as I was already in my wetsuit because it was warmer than my wet jeans and wet sweater I could borrow a surfboard from Max Droege and could catch some nice waves after one year without normal surfing. After being 3 hours in the water I went to rent a bike to ride to my tent to get some dry clothes and by the time I came back the wind kicked in and I could put my wetsuit back on again. The wind was really light and by the time it was my heat it dropped totally so my heat got cancelled. Time to go home and have a good sleep for the next day.

Day 4 we finished a whole single in very light conditions with 12 minuts heats to make sure everybody got there moves. After 3 times we finally got enough wind for my heat and I could pass to the next round altough it was far from my best heat and it was pretty close. The next heat was against Kiri with even less wind then before I could only try 3 moves on the way out which I all landed but was not good enough to land my shaka on the way out clean enough which would maybe made the diffrence between winning and losing. in the end I lost my heat with a 2-1 decision which is very close against vice worldchampion from last year! The conditions didn't inprove anymore but stayed the same and in the half final was pretty good again where I saw some really good sailing from all the guys and especially from Taty with a sick kono and double spock coming in and Steven who just crashed the biggest kono of the day and made him lose from Gollito. In the finals the conditions where really getting crazy with a lot of non planning moments and a lot of pomping and was both really close till Golitto pulled out in the last minute a ponch and a burner out of no where!! Now the day is over and we at least already have one result will see wat the next days will say!


Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sylt Day 1

hello everybody

Since yesterday morning I arrived at Sylt together with Maarten van Ochten and Paul Zeper who's car we drove with. Although we missed our train and drove too far that we even ended up in Denmark and arrived at the boat to Sylt on the next island. But after some searching we eventually found the train station to Sylt and could go on the train at 5 in the morning after waiting the whole night.

After we arrived we just started to rig up everything and find a place in the equipment tent to make sure we still would have place. After doing this Paul drove me to the campsite which is 20 min. walking from the competition area and started to built up my tent for the rest of the week.

Afterwards I went back to the beach to sign me in and welcome Yarden Meir who came here for his first PWA event ever! Than the day went on with some relaxing and sleeping as I only slept 3 hours during the night and ended with the opening ceremony for all the crowd here in Sylt.

Afterwards I went for an early sleep to be rested for the 2nd Day here at Sylt and first day of competition.

Cheers Dieter

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Last 2 Days in Dahab and back to school

hello everybody

I want to say sorry for the late update because I said I would do it already last week Tuesday but didn't find any time the past week as I had it extremely busy with of course also some windsurfing!

But first about my last 2 days in dahab, lets say they where just perfect, one day all day long on my 4.0 just surfing till I almost crashed death on the beach off too much surfing because the conditions where just perfect and it was almost my last day. My last day it was windy for 4.3 and in the afternoon it was way to overpowered sailing on my 4.3 as I already riged off my 4.0 to give me some more windsurfing time on the water. It was just the perfect last day altough my mussles where really hurting from the day before it was just enjoying every last minut in Dahab.

The next day I left for home and was already fully stocked because I knew I finally could go wavesailing again after 6 months only freestyle and they even didn't give any rain on the forcast! Just perfect! But now first getting back, because I got dropped of on the wrong terminal I had to go to the other terminal which was 800 m further with not the easiest path as I couldn't stay on the footpath and had to go over the road but eventually after a lot off problems because my boardbag kept falling of my trollyI made it and even had the time to go trough the pictures Danielle from took from me on my last day which where absolutly amazing. Thanks for that!

Back we packed everything out for the next day of sailing in the waves. We went to Ouddorp which turned out to be a really good choice only taking 4.3 the first hour wasn't as it's one km walking to beach which is a long way to go back and change your sail, but after I went to take 3.7 it was one of my best wavesailing sessions ever. Most of the time I was waveriding as I like this the most but also was practicing some jumping and could land some backloops nice dry. It was really feeling good to be on a waveboard again and getting used to sailing on the nordsee before I leave to Sylt.

I had 2 more days of surfing one day underpowered with 4.7 and the second day 4.3 with boots again (which really feels terrible) but very gusty and not the best anymore so the wave day was the top day off the week.

But besides windsurfing I also had to arrange a lot of other things with school which I had again for the first time yesterday. Since this year I started the study mechanical design and product technology but not full time which gives me more time for windsurfing than last year but doesn't leave me without a study which I think I will need one day in live and also is intresting me very much.

So now you know what I'm doing on a not vacation week and do in times without windsurfing.
Now packing everything for Sylt where I will leave to Thursday morning with Paul Zeper and go for the last PWA event of the year in freestyle!


Saturday, 11 September 2010

week 3

hello everybody

It's seems like the windgods really like me here ore its just that dahab is very windy because the past 4 days have been windy everyday again with some really good days on 4.3 but also one day on 4.7 but at least everytime 2 hours off sailing. If been more sailing on the boing which just is a bit more downwind at the bay where there's some more shop but no people at all as the othor spots can really get beasy from 10 till 12.

Also I worked together with Timon Hagen to finish my movie from leucate and Fuerte which now is finisched and probably come online very soon, so keep watching my website I would say!

Still 2 days of sailing as the windforcasts are really looking good so I will have a good goodbye from dahab!
I make probably one more update monday evening ore tuesday evening.

And than one week home and than of to Sylt for the last PWA!

Cheers Dieter

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dahab week 2

hello everybody

Its been another 4 days off great sailing here in Dahab. Most of the time we where sailing 4.3 at Baby bay to do some filiming which gave some really good material for the movie i want to make off this trip afterwartes.
Most of the time I'm sailing here with Laura and Alex from Austria who we are filming with.

One day was very special as it was super windy in the afternoon. In the morning it was just 4.3 weather which is pretty normal but in the afternoon the wind picked up full power increasing till 35 knots which gave me a fully overpowerd session on 4.0 with only 10 people on the water just amazing! It was Alex he's last day so he found it a good goodbye!

Just 6 more days of surfing hopefully and than this trip to dahab is over for me so hoppefully i get some good winds!

cheers Dieter

Friday, 3 September 2010

Dahab windy days!

Hello everybody

Dahab the past few days have been so amazing that I was happy today it was a bit less so I could rest a bit more in the afternoon. It where 2 days of hectic sailing with one of the days also a nice walk to a spot in the desert which was really sick.

The first day after I last updated my blog Dahab was on fire the wind was strong in the morning for 4.3 and in the afternoon it even picked up more so I was fully powerd up on my 4.0 for the first time. I had really sick sailing session at Babybay for the first time and had a good session in the afternoon at speedys with almost now people on the water just amazing.

Afterwartes it was heading fast home for a shower and pack ore stuff for one night because we where going to a spot more north from Dahab where we would stay in small huts on the beach but first we had to walk 1,5 hour to there in the dark of a rocky pad on flipflops, terrible! But one’s we where far enough away from Dahab you could see the stars so perfect, the sky was just filled with stars and for the first time in my live I saw the milkway which was so nice! So it was a nice walk but not a nice sleep because the matras was like stone and wasn’t soft at al so after 3 hours off sleep everybody was awake at 5 to see the sunrise and didn’t get much sleep afterwartes anymore. With everybody I mean all the 13 people who came with us, some guy’s from Nelson, most off the people of Club Dahab, Marco who arranged everything for us and Laura Treboux with here brother who are here for 3 weeks of training.

After the gear arrived we went for a session before we went eating afterwartes. It was really windy which left me a bit overpowerd on my 4.0 but was great to sail with all you’re friends alone on such a sick lagoon! The rest of the day was surfing bit of rest and surfing again till the wind start died around 3 which gave us enouf time to pack everything down and walk back with sunset. 24hours later we wear back where everything started Dahab city. Time to eat something and go to sleep, I was even so tiered I slept 11 hours in on time!

Today the wind wasn’t to strong but good for 4.7 for around an hour more than enough because I was still feeling the last 2 days.

Here are also finally a few pictures from Dahab!

Cheers Dieter