Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dahab week 2

hello everybody

Its been another 4 days off great sailing here in Dahab. Most of the time we where sailing 4.3 at Baby bay to do some filiming which gave some really good material for the movie i want to make off this trip afterwartes.
Most of the time I'm sailing here with Laura and Alex from Austria who we are filming with.

One day was very special as it was super windy in the afternoon. In the morning it was just 4.3 weather which is pretty normal but in the afternoon the wind picked up full power increasing till 35 knots which gave me a fully overpowerd session on 4.0 with only 10 people on the water just amazing! It was Alex he's last day so he found it a good goodbye!

Just 6 more days of surfing hopefully and than this trip to dahab is over for me so hoppefully i get some good winds!

cheers Dieter

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