Friday, 3 September 2010

Dahab windy days!

Hello everybody

Dahab the past few days have been so amazing that I was happy today it was a bit less so I could rest a bit more in the afternoon. It where 2 days of hectic sailing with one of the days also a nice walk to a spot in the desert which was really sick.

The first day after I last updated my blog Dahab was on fire the wind was strong in the morning for 4.3 and in the afternoon it even picked up more so I was fully powerd up on my 4.0 for the first time. I had really sick sailing session at Babybay for the first time and had a good session in the afternoon at speedys with almost now people on the water just amazing.

Afterwartes it was heading fast home for a shower and pack ore stuff for one night because we where going to a spot more north from Dahab where we would stay in small huts on the beach but first we had to walk 1,5 hour to there in the dark of a rocky pad on flipflops, terrible! But one’s we where far enough away from Dahab you could see the stars so perfect, the sky was just filled with stars and for the first time in my live I saw the milkway which was so nice! So it was a nice walk but not a nice sleep because the matras was like stone and wasn’t soft at al so after 3 hours off sleep everybody was awake at 5 to see the sunrise and didn’t get much sleep afterwartes anymore. With everybody I mean all the 13 people who came with us, some guy’s from Nelson, most off the people of Club Dahab, Marco who arranged everything for us and Laura Treboux with here brother who are here for 3 weeks of training.

After the gear arrived we went for a session before we went eating afterwartes. It was really windy which left me a bit overpowerd on my 4.0 but was great to sail with all you’re friends alone on such a sick lagoon! The rest of the day was surfing bit of rest and surfing again till the wind start died around 3 which gave us enouf time to pack everything down and walk back with sunset. 24hours later we wear back where everything started Dahab city. Time to eat something and go to sleep, I was even so tiered I slept 11 hours in on time!

Today the wind wasn’t to strong but good for 4.7 for around an hour more than enough because I was still feeling the last 2 days.

Here are also finally a few pictures from Dahab!

Cheers Dieter

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