Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Last 2 Days in Dahab and back to school

hello everybody

I want to say sorry for the late update because I said I would do it already last week Tuesday but didn't find any time the past week as I had it extremely busy with of course also some windsurfing!

But first about my last 2 days in dahab, lets say they where just perfect, one day all day long on my 4.0 just surfing till I almost crashed death on the beach off too much surfing because the conditions where just perfect and it was almost my last day. My last day it was windy for 4.3 and in the afternoon it was way to overpowered sailing on my 4.3 as I already riged off my 4.0 to give me some more windsurfing time on the water. It was just the perfect last day altough my mussles where really hurting from the day before it was just enjoying every last minut in Dahab.

The next day I left for home and was already fully stocked because I knew I finally could go wavesailing again after 6 months only freestyle and they even didn't give any rain on the forcast! Just perfect! But now first getting back, because I got dropped of on the wrong terminal I had to go to the other terminal which was 800 m further with not the easiest path as I couldn't stay on the footpath and had to go over the road but eventually after a lot off problems because my boardbag kept falling of my trollyI made it and even had the time to go trough the pictures Danielle from http://www.getwindsurfing.com/ took from me on my last day which where absolutly amazing. Thanks for that!

Back we packed everything out for the next day of sailing in the waves. We went to Ouddorp which turned out to be a really good choice only taking 4.3 the first hour wasn't as it's one km walking to beach which is a long way to go back and change your sail, but after I went to take 3.7 it was one of my best wavesailing sessions ever. Most of the time I was waveriding as I like this the most but also was practicing some jumping and could land some backloops nice dry. It was really feeling good to be on a waveboard again and getting used to sailing on the nordsee before I leave to Sylt.

I had 2 more days of surfing one day underpowered with 4.7 and the second day 4.3 with boots again (which really feels terrible) but very gusty and not the best anymore so the wave day was the top day off the week.

But besides windsurfing I also had to arrange a lot of other things with school which I had again for the first time yesterday. Since this year I started the study mechanical design and product technology but not full time which gives me more time for windsurfing than last year but doesn't leave me without a study which I think I will need one day in live and also is intresting me very much.

So now you know what I'm doing on a not vacation week and do in times without windsurfing.
Now packing everything for Sylt where I will leave to Thursday morning with Paul Zeper and go for the last PWA event of the year in freestyle!


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