Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sylt Day 1

hello everybody

Since yesterday morning I arrived at Sylt together with Maarten van Ochten and Paul Zeper who's car we drove with. Although we missed our train and drove too far that we even ended up in Denmark and arrived at the boat to Sylt on the next island. But after some searching we eventually found the train station to Sylt and could go on the train at 5 in the morning after waiting the whole night.

After we arrived we just started to rig up everything and find a place in the equipment tent to make sure we still would have place. After doing this Paul drove me to the campsite which is 20 min. walking from the competition area and started to built up my tent for the rest of the week.

Afterwards I went back to the beach to sign me in and welcome Yarden Meir who came here for his first PWA event ever! Than the day went on with some relaxing and sleeping as I only slept 3 hours during the night and ended with the opening ceremony for all the crowd here in Sylt.

Afterwards I went for an early sleep to be rested for the 2nd Day here at Sylt and first day of competition.

Cheers Dieter

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