Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bonaire part 1

Hello everybody


Here in Bonaire already 2 and a half weeks past like it was nothing everything is going really fast and in a bit more than a month I’m already flying home again, this year Bonaire is definitely making up for last year where I had no wind for 3 weeks.. Besides the first weeks it has been windy almost every single day and not only 5.2 weather but also 4.8 sessions which sometimes even were a bit overpowered with other words I’m scoring the good side of Bonaire big time!

It is really nice to be on this island again as I see a lot of old friends again but also make new once, the vibe is always good and the sailing is just amazing!! I’ve been sailing a lot with all the top guys from Bonaire and each of them pushes me to train harder and try moves where I wouldn’t think off if I would be sailing alone, the level went up a lot from the guys and I have to admit that in the past 2 weeks I learned already more than I could have expected and with the first windless day not even visible on the forecast the training will keep on going hard and a lot to get myself fully ready for the 2013 season!

Besides all the good sailing I’m also one of the first visitors who stays in the “Surfhouse” which offers cheap accommodation not to far from Sorobon, especially for short stays it’s really interesting to stay in the hostel as you just pay 12 dollars a night for each person which is for Bonaire pretty cheap!

Well I’m off again for another great session got a lot of footage from everybody here the other day with the gopro3 so will try to put some stuff online a.s.a.p.!

Cheers Dieter

Thursday, 7 February 2013

January at home

Hello Everybody

As I’m writing this as I am on my flight to Bonaire for a trip of 7 weeks, my last big trip before the season starts again end of April. I didn’t have the time yet earlier to update my blog because I’ve been pretty busy at home. January means exams for me and since I didn’t really do anything during the year it was all hands on deck to pass the exams I had to do. I didn’t get the points yet but I think I passed all so it was definitely worth the effort.

winter can be beautifull also - Pic: Britt Van der Eyken
Besides that I also started with a new Project. I was actually already busy with it since Brazil but now we finally could post it online. The “Next Generation Project” is a clinic program for the young people where we will make up a price including everything besides flights and transfer. For more info about this project be sure to check and like the fan page on Facebook! It’s definitely worth checking out!!

2 weeks ago I also went for the first time in my life to “Das Boot” in Düsseldorf which is one of the biggest indoor fairs for windsurfing. I only could stay one day as I didn’t have more time but it was great to see a lot of people again which I normally don’t see till the competition season starts again. Also the Starboard and Severne stand was very nice presented with the biggest setup from all the brands, which was really great to see.

Pic: Continentseven

At the Boat show I also met up with Chris Pressler from C7 and showed him a clip of one of my Airkabi’s in Brazil that I made on the last day of last year. He immediately put the clip on his hard drive and put it online the next day, the response on Facebook is something I never could expect with more the 800 likes and 450 shares it’s for sure my most watched move from windsurfing ever!

Pic: Continentseven

A thing I actually even least expected was still to sail at home. Since I got back from brazil the temperatures in Belgium went down a lot and I think we had around 2 weeks of snow which doesn’t really happen every year making me think more about going ice surfing than windsurfing. But last week the temperatures went up again going even to 12 degrees which meant a difference of 20° in just one week (crazy Belgium weather) and above that good strong winds! The water at the sea was still cold (4°C) but the air temperatures and the good Camaro Icetech wetsuit made it turn out into 3 good sessions on the sea! Sailing 4.4, 3.7 and 3.3 in 3 days with some of the better conditions in Bredene I have seen in a while especially the last day made it a good choice to stay one more week at home! I sailed with friends I don’t see to often and just had a lot of fun wave sailing again. Europe is cold in winter but when the conditions are good they are almost sometimes more fun than the tropical places we travel to, although I have to admit I won’t miss the cold water in Bonaire!

Pic: Jonas Roosens
In the end I really enjoyed being at home for a while, spending time with friends and family made me realise being at home isn’t that bad! But now it’s time for action again and I hope for a good 7 weeks on Bonaire with good winds and a lot of new moves! But I think with the Bonaire crew that shouldn’t be a problem!

Pic: Jonas Roosens

Dieter - B35