Tuesday, 5 August 2014

PWA Fuerteventura 7th place & 5th overall

Hello Everybody

So the second stop of the PWA just ended and my trip to the Canaries also ended. This year the weather and the wind have been pretty strange with even a few times rain in the morning (never happens in summer normally) and not even one day on 4.0 and even more sailing on 4.8 than on 4.4 .

During the contest the wind was pretty good considering the previous days where the slalom guys were still almost on their biggest gear. In the single I started off with a great heat against Rafael de Windt but struggled hard in round 3 against Adrian Bosson who was sailing amazing! I didn’t have my best heat and with the level being so close at the top now a mistake makes you lose straight away. So early exit in the single and one hell of a double lined up as I wasn’t the only one who made a mistake..

In the double I had to get past Tonky Frans to get into the top 10 so one heat could decide a lot for the event and also the overall this year. After winning my heat against Yarden Meir and watching Tonky’s heat against Youp Smith (who was also having an early exit losing in round 2) I knew I had to sail a really solid heat against Tonky to win and hope he didn’t sail like his previous heat.

So green flag up and sail my best heat of the event. The wind was a bit tricky with moments and it was quite hard to find a good ramp for air moves. I had a really solid heat landing one of my best paskos in my heat after just 2 minutes and a perfect spock culo on the way in together with 3 pretty high scoring moves. I didn’t see much what Tonky did and wasn’t really sure it was enough to pass, I wasn’t able to really fully show what I was able to do, but in the end it was enough to get into the top 10 and get the chance to get even further than that.

On the last day only the top 12 was left of the contest and I probably had one of the ”easiest” heats of this round against Balz Muller. So pretty confident I went on the water but actually had one of my worst heats against Balz who had some really solid moves. My experience got me through on this one as in the last 30 seconds I still needed to land one move on the way out to fill my score sheets, in the last 20 seconds I managed to land my Airfunnel (after crashing it 3 times) and got through to the top 8, to meet a second Severne teamrider Amado Vrieswijk. 

Well I had to do a lot better to win from him and to be honest I just didn’t, I couldn’t get my heats together this day and ended the event with a heat that didn’t satisfy me but with a result that is good enough to claim back my top 5 position on the overall ranking! So not my best event on Fuerteventura this year but lucky for me I sailed my best heat in the double when it really counted.

Next up will most likely be the indoor in Poland and in the mean time I will enjoy some time at home and hopefully score some great conditions here!

Cheers Dieter