Friday, 29 April 2011

End of Dahab and 1st day of Podesdorf

Hello everybody

Since my last blog update last week I still could surf good every single day I was in Dahab with some nice days of strong wind on a 4.0 and 4.3 to get me really prepared for podesdorf where I’m now for the moment. Everything was going perfect those days with probably the most sailing of the whole trip as the wind stayed a bit longer than normally and I was really waking up urly just to get that one more hour on the water than normally to get still as much as possible out of the trip.

All together it was another great trip with a lot of nice people again from Club Dahab. But also with Phil Richards from who made all the pictures for my blog and was a great training partner on the water. Jjust like all the other sailors who where there making it another great 3 weeks in Dahab. With also 2 weeks out of 3 weeks sailing it was a good training trip to Dahab.

But as soon as I came home it had to go all very quick to get fast enough packed again for the PWA event in Podesdorf where I was leaving to the next day. So it was an evening of unpacking, washing and packing again as with only 14 hours at home I didn’t really have time to relax at home a little bit before I went away again. But all worked out fine and now I’m waiting in podesdorf for wind which probably want come the first 2 or 3 days, but the prediction for Wednesday looks really good so hopefully we still get some wind over here for a good result!

Keep also updated on my twitter update’s as I will put faster a new one of them as a new blog update, which I’ll probably do each 2 days as it’s not windy for the weekend.

Cheers Dieter

Friday, 22 April 2011

Dahab week 3

Hello everybody
It’s been a while again since my last blog update, but Lucky enough this was not again because there was no wind cause that there was there a lot the past 6 days with some great sailing but just because I couldn’t get on to some pictures but thanks to Phil from I finally got some action pictures to put on my blog again.

The past few days have been epic with a lot of sailing on 4.3 and even one day on 4.0 fully stacked. But unfortunately it was always only in the morning so I still didn’t get a whole day of wind here in Dahab but that actually doesn’t happen often here. But the great thing was that it was the whole week almost high tide in the morning which made it perfect to finally sail in the lagoon for the first time actually as I only did it one time in September for half an hour. The lagoon is just the same as Bonaire with pretty shallow water and sometimes some nice chop but still pretty flat, so a great place to sail.

Also I scored my best session ever in Baby bay, with spring tide and 4.3 fully powered up it was the perfect conditions to surf over the reef and launch you’re self into some big shaka’s at kamikazi’s which were coming perfectly from the front! Beside’s that we had also a lot of good sessions at speedies and at the metal buoy where it’s a bit more shoppy so a good place to try for podesdorf which can get really shoppy once it get’s windy.

Further there will be a new update soon about a new sponsor!

Cheers Dieter

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Update from Dahab!

Hello everybody
Been a week since my last update, and that all just because it hasn’t been windy for a whole week here in Dahab. Ok, I still went on the water for 2 times just pumping like hell to get some moves done but far from a good session. So I filled my days with working for school and hanging around at Club Dahab.
Also I started to search for a new clothing sponsor because Chosen had to stop after 5 years of making great clothes and putting a lot off effort in me to support me as good as possible. I would like to thank them for their trust in me and enjoyed the cooperation together, and wish all of the crew a great future!
The rest off the time I was talking a lot to the Egyptian guys from the station asking about what the revolution actually did in Dahab, if there was really any need for evacuation from the people or if the only real dangerous place was in Cairo. Where they just said there was nothing abnormal beside there where fewer cigarettes in town than normally and also still a lot of the banks are closed in the city of Dahab. But all of that doesn’t mean the local people are not busy with it, they’re really happy with it as everyone is from the same meaning that it really was time for change! One of the good changes for the Egyptian surfers is that they will be able to travel around the world, which was so far impossible for them, so hopefully we’ll see in the future the first Egyptian windsurfers competing on the international circuit.
Today we had one more day with hanging around on the beach a little bit and than the wind finally will pick up for 6 days straight! Which will result in much more and much faster blog updates with hopefully the first action pictures here from Dahab!
Cheers Dieter

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Short stop in Belgium & off to Dahab !

Hello everybody

Unfortunately it has not been to windy since my last update with only 3 more days of wind after I got back from Vietnam and before I left for Dahab where I am since yesterday.

But first back to the 3 days of wind at home which where al on my bigger gear. The first day there was a cold eastern wind and very cold water.  Not so nice after coming back from warm Vietnam.  But all by all it was a nice day with my S1 4.7 and a nice sun with temperatures around 6° I made the most of it. 
And just the 2 days before I left we got some wind at B-dam which was a nice birthday present. The wind was dropping away as I arrived at the spot going from a nice 25 knts to 16-17knts so I decided to rig up the bigger gear again for a day of sailing on my birthday!  It was also the first time I could use my new Enigma  boom from Severne which is so much lighter and skinnier than my other ones which made that the best session of the whole 3 days and made it a perfect birthday surf!

The day after, on Saturday, we had 22° and some light south winds which was ideal to go to Oesterdam, the spot closest to my home.  I rigged up my S1 5.3 and took my flare 98 to go for a “warm” surf, still in my winter wetsuit as the water is still very cold, but it was sunny and it almost felt like summer.  After 2 hours the wind dropped so I left for home to pack up my gear to go to Dahab.

Today was my first day at Dahab, and immediately I was back on my most used sails size from September in Dahab, the S1 4.3  and I had a great 3 hours of sailing before the wind dropped around noon as it always does. It was great to be sailing again in Dahab in a nice summer wetsuit together with Max Rowe, Phil Richards, Adrien Beholz and many more for some good training before the PWA event in Podesdorf end of this month. Everything was just going perfect and I really had a nice time on the water.

Tomorrow looks windy again and the wind is already getting stronger as we speak! Hope to get some good sessions here to get myself ready for the next tour stops as this will be my last training trip before competition starts again !

Cheers Dieter