Friday, 29 April 2011

End of Dahab and 1st day of Podesdorf

Hello everybody

Since my last blog update last week I still could surf good every single day I was in Dahab with some nice days of strong wind on a 4.0 and 4.3 to get me really prepared for podesdorf where I’m now for the moment. Everything was going perfect those days with probably the most sailing of the whole trip as the wind stayed a bit longer than normally and I was really waking up urly just to get that one more hour on the water than normally to get still as much as possible out of the trip.

All together it was another great trip with a lot of nice people again from Club Dahab. But also with Phil Richards from who made all the pictures for my blog and was a great training partner on the water. Jjust like all the other sailors who where there making it another great 3 weeks in Dahab. With also 2 weeks out of 3 weeks sailing it was a good training trip to Dahab.

But as soon as I came home it had to go all very quick to get fast enough packed again for the PWA event in Podesdorf where I was leaving to the next day. So it was an evening of unpacking, washing and packing again as with only 14 hours at home I didn’t really have time to relax at home a little bit before I went away again. But all worked out fine and now I’m waiting in podesdorf for wind which probably want come the first 2 or 3 days, but the prediction for Wednesday looks really good so hopefully we still get some wind over here for a good result!

Keep also updated on my twitter update’s as I will put faster a new one of them as a new blog update, which I’ll probably do each 2 days as it’s not windy for the weekend.

Cheers Dieter

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