Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Update from Dahab!

Hello everybody
Been a week since my last update, and that all just because it hasn’t been windy for a whole week here in Dahab. Ok, I still went on the water for 2 times just pumping like hell to get some moves done but far from a good session. So I filled my days with working for school and hanging around at Club Dahab.
Also I started to search for a new clothing sponsor because Chosen had to stop after 5 years of making great clothes and putting a lot off effort in me to support me as good as possible. I would like to thank them for their trust in me and enjoyed the cooperation together, and wish all of the crew a great future!
The rest off the time I was talking a lot to the Egyptian guys from the station asking about what the revolution actually did in Dahab, if there was really any need for evacuation from the people or if the only real dangerous place was in Cairo. Where they just said there was nothing abnormal beside there where fewer cigarettes in town than normally and also still a lot of the banks are closed in the city of Dahab. But all of that doesn’t mean the local people are not busy with it, they’re really happy with it as everyone is from the same meaning that it really was time for change! One of the good changes for the Egyptian surfers is that they will be able to travel around the world, which was so far impossible for them, so hopefully we’ll see in the future the first Egyptian windsurfers competing on the international circuit.
Today we had one more day with hanging around on the beach a little bit and than the wind finally will pick up for 6 days straight! Which will result in much more and much faster blog updates with hopefully the first action pictures here from Dahab!
Cheers Dieter

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