Friday, 22 April 2011

Dahab week 3

Hello everybody
It’s been a while again since my last blog update, but Lucky enough this was not again because there was no wind cause that there was there a lot the past 6 days with some great sailing but just because I couldn’t get on to some pictures but thanks to Phil from I finally got some action pictures to put on my blog again.

The past few days have been epic with a lot of sailing on 4.3 and even one day on 4.0 fully stacked. But unfortunately it was always only in the morning so I still didn’t get a whole day of wind here in Dahab but that actually doesn’t happen often here. But the great thing was that it was the whole week almost high tide in the morning which made it perfect to finally sail in the lagoon for the first time actually as I only did it one time in September for half an hour. The lagoon is just the same as Bonaire with pretty shallow water and sometimes some nice chop but still pretty flat, so a great place to sail.

Also I scored my best session ever in Baby bay, with spring tide and 4.3 fully powered up it was the perfect conditions to surf over the reef and launch you’re self into some big shaka’s at kamikazi’s which were coming perfectly from the front! Beside’s that we had also a lot of good sessions at speedies and at the metal buoy where it’s a bit more shoppy so a good place to try for podesdorf which can get really shoppy once it get’s windy.

Further there will be a new update soon about a new sponsor!

Cheers Dieter

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