Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Short stop in Belgium & off to Dahab !

Hello everybody

Unfortunately it has not been to windy since my last update with only 3 more days of wind after I got back from Vietnam and before I left for Dahab where I am since yesterday.

But first back to the 3 days of wind at home which where al on my bigger gear. The first day there was a cold eastern wind and very cold water.  Not so nice after coming back from warm Vietnam.  But all by all it was a nice day with my S1 4.7 and a nice sun with temperatures around 6° I made the most of it. 
And just the 2 days before I left we got some wind at B-dam which was a nice birthday present. The wind was dropping away as I arrived at the spot going from a nice 25 knts to 16-17knts so I decided to rig up the bigger gear again for a day of sailing on my birthday!  It was also the first time I could use my new Enigma  boom from Severne which is so much lighter and skinnier than my other ones which made that the best session of the whole 3 days and made it a perfect birthday surf!

The day after, on Saturday, we had 22° and some light south winds which was ideal to go to Oesterdam, the spot closest to my home.  I rigged up my S1 5.3 and took my flare 98 to go for a “warm” surf, still in my winter wetsuit as the water is still very cold, but it was sunny and it almost felt like summer.  After 2 hours the wind dropped so I left for home to pack up my gear to go to Dahab.

Today was my first day at Dahab, and immediately I was back on my most used sails size from September in Dahab, the S1 4.3  and I had a great 3 hours of sailing before the wind dropped around noon as it always does. It was great to be sailing again in Dahab in a nice summer wetsuit together with Max Rowe, Phil Richards, Adrien Beholz and many more for some good training before the PWA event in Podesdorf end of this month. Everything was just going perfect and I really had a nice time on the water.

Tomorrow looks windy again and the wind is already getting stronger as we speak! Hope to get some good sessions here to get myself ready for the next tour stops as this will be my last training trip before competition starts again !

Cheers Dieter

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