Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas @ Tarifa

Hello everybody
Been a while since I updated my blog, much too long but because of all the cold in the Netherlands, no surfing action and so nothing special, till the beginning of this week.
As every year with Christmas it was time to escape from the cold waters of the Netherlands and search for warmer waters with our camper, so time to hit south again for 2 weeks and leave to the aria of Tarifa, Capital windsurf city of Europe with 17°C water and 16°C air temperature and of course wind!
All though I have to admit that it was waiting a little bit in the weekend before the wind would show up. Monday the wind started a bit out of the levante direction but was a bit hesitating and didn’t really want to come true at Playa Chica where the wind always starts first if its levante, I gave it a try but after an hour of really gusty sailing  I took my surf board and went to take some waves on the other side of the beach. Eventually we went to Bolonia where there was just enough wind to get out trough the waves and have some nice wave rides on the Kode 86 and S1 5.3 sail.
The next day the levante started early at playa chica and we had a whole day of great freestyle sailing finally after being a whole month of the water! It went really well in the pretty choppy conditions and after 4 hours I was more than satisfied and tired after the great session. Already thinking about the next day!
As there was still good swell around and strong winds from levante it was time to get Bolonia like I’ve never had before, good waves sometimes 2,5-3m in the sets, strong winds around  30-40 knots side-to side offshore and a new Quad IQ 69 to test. I rigged up my S1 3.7 pulled on my wetsuit and went out for a very long day. The Quad was just awesome, it was getting used to it in the beginning a bit as you have to ride the wave a bit more as on a surfing board but ones you got used to it you could make such tight turns and hit every lip you could. It was a day of pure wave riding mostly and occasionally some jumping. It was probably the best wave day of my live with my biggest aerials yet in my life, definitely tasting for more!! After again a day of 4 hours I decided to put on my twinfin set up on my Quad as its easily convertible and see the difference. The big difference was that you were now making more bigger turns as with the Quad setup you had more tight turns but the board works perfect both in the Quad as in the Twinfin setup which makes it definitely so far my best wave board ever.
Today it was over with levante and searching again for wind which we found “a bit gusty” at Valdelagrana a beach close to Cadiz which gave as an hour of goods wind enough for my S1 4.7 and Flare 88 to have a nice short freestyle session.
So this was my last updated for this year, Happy New year already to all of you and lets pray for a lot of wind for all of us!!