Saturday, 2 November 2013

2 EFPT Brutal Beach and Vice european Champion

Hello Everybody

I was planning to write a bit more earleir this blog again but didn’t really find the time.. Since Sylt there has been happening quite a lot! First of all it’s been pretty windy at home allowing me to do some freestyle but also some wave sailing again. During one of my sessions about a week before I was going to leave to the EFPT I twisted my foot quite far and had to take some gas back again but all was still good for free sailing as long as I put on my bandage to support my foot.

No handed flaka at Amstelmeer

2 weeks ago I left together with Rick Jendrusch to the last EFPT of the year at Brutal beach. Last year I was able to win the EFE event in front of Tonky and wanted to do the same this year. With only one day wind predictions out of the east and the possibility to have a boat everything was going to come down to the second day of competition. Forecast was good, the organisation was super but the wind wasn’t really quite there, after a late start all hopes where already gone to finish a double elimination wish meant no second chances and pressure was on every heat. To get the European title, there had to happen a little miracle as Steven had to finish outside of the top 5 and I had to win the event to get the crown, as Russia was a 300 points event and France only 100.

super strong day of wind at home

With light winds there was the decision to run again in a best trick format where the best 3 moves would count each way during 10 min. heats. It was all the time searching for the good gusts and there was quite some luck involved. I had really good heats considering the wind and managed to get through till the final but each time with less and less power moves as the wind was really dropping quite fast. I was happy I made it to the final already and now I wanted to go for the win again. The only thing I was missing in those 10 min. was wind, while I was always able to make up to 8 moves during the previous heats I only managed to land 4 moves in the final and attempted 6. Steven got the best gust at the other side of the area making an airfunnel funnel and culo in one run which obviously made me lose the heat as I couldn’t even do anything to put on a fight as I was just standing still... But we know we had only that day the boat so we got a result but how much it presents is another question. I don’t say the result would have been any different but it would have been nice for everyone incl. Steven to show what we really could do instead of doing e-sliders and flakas to advance into the next round.

light wind shaka on Freek 5.2

In the end I got second in the single and also was sure of my second place on the overall behind Steven! I’m really stoked with that and it just left me relaxing through the weekend as I knew I would be second overall and at least top 3 during the event. In the end there didn’t come enough wind anymore which left us with a lot of Tow in action where I didn’t compete in because of my foot and left me waiting for the price giving on Sunday! I’m very happy with my second place overall but can’t wait for next year to go one place higher!

the trophy's! 

Since I was in France I missed the second competition of the Belgium Championships of Wave and couldn’t defend my title where I was quite bumped with, as it would have been nice to get this tittle for a change! But luckily I got back home in time after a whole night of driving to catch one of the best storms of the year. With pretty nice waves for Belgium and weather for 3.3 and 3.6!

going for a goiter on 3.3 almost landed this one, getting closer

More to come soon as its been howling at home and it doesn’t stop! 2 more weeks before leaving to Australia, can’t wait!!

good waves for Belguim!

Cheers Dieter