Monday, 27 September 2010

Sylt Day 2-4

hello everybody

The past days been very busy with staying standby on the beach as I was in one of the first heats.

Day 2 was still okay with some relaxing and watching the surfers taking the nice waves there where that day and also enjoying the sun for the last day before the wind should kick in for the next day.

Day 3 started with a lot of rain, wet clothes and cold temperatures compared to day 2. The wind was nothing but as I was already in my wetsuit because it was warmer than my wet jeans and wet sweater I could borrow a surfboard from Max Droege and could catch some nice waves after one year without normal surfing. After being 3 hours in the water I went to rent a bike to ride to my tent to get some dry clothes and by the time I came back the wind kicked in and I could put my wetsuit back on again. The wind was really light and by the time it was my heat it dropped totally so my heat got cancelled. Time to go home and have a good sleep for the next day.

Day 4 we finished a whole single in very light conditions with 12 minuts heats to make sure everybody got there moves. After 3 times we finally got enough wind for my heat and I could pass to the next round altough it was far from my best heat and it was pretty close. The next heat was against Kiri with even less wind then before I could only try 3 moves on the way out which I all landed but was not good enough to land my shaka on the way out clean enough which would maybe made the diffrence between winning and losing. in the end I lost my heat with a 2-1 decision which is very close against vice worldchampion from last year! The conditions didn't inprove anymore but stayed the same and in the half final was pretty good again where I saw some really good sailing from all the guys and especially from Taty with a sick kono and double spock coming in and Steven who just crashed the biggest kono of the day and made him lose from Gollito. In the finals the conditions where really getting crazy with a lot of non planning moments and a lot of pomping and was both really close till Golitto pulled out in the last minute a ponch and a burner out of no where!! Now the day is over and we at least already have one result will see wat the next days will say!


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