Friday, 1 October 2010

Sylt day 5-7

hello everybody

After my last update and after ore first single there was not much action going on anymore beside's just hanging around in the Sailorsclub and watching the slalom during the first day. The wind that day was maybe even a bit stronger than when we had to sail ore single but the gust where les strong so it ended up in a race who could make the best out of the lowwind conditions. Bjorn sailed a very solid heat and didn't give Albeau any chance to take him over again which made him win the first day of racing.

The second day the wind was totally away and there was not much to do till they decided to go for a tow in freestyle session right in front of all the people. Golitto, Steven, Taty, Tonky and Nicolas gave their best shot and landed some sick moves but also sick crashes right in front of a beach full of people. The sickest crash was the one from golitto when he over rotated his burner which gave a big crash. Taty did a perfect dubbel funnel to take with it the 3the place after Golito with his over rotated burner. The king in tow in from Austria stayed undivided with landing first a perfect culo in no wind and on he's last running doing a massive airfunnel into funnel where he launched himself perfectly in the air and in my point of view actually could have jumped around the whole way but maybe that's for the next time!

The third day from this blog there was not much going on during the day, no wind no tow in and so also no action, just watching the action of the quicksilver pro surf in France on the live stream to make the day pas faster away. In the evening although we went out to celebrate Bjorn Saragoza his 19the birthday which he became at 12 O'clock so again Happy Birthday Bjorn!

So that is it for this blog as for the moment the slalom just started again in 16 to 22 knots but full offshore so no chance for freestyle in the front, maybe the next days!!

Cheers Dieter

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