Sunday, 17 October 2010

End of the competition year, time for some wave!

hello everybody

It's been since Sylt since I wrote something on my blog. Now the year in the PWA and also the last freestyle event happend here in the netherlands I can look back at a good year. In my first year at the PWA I finished 12th far above my expactations and also became 2nd in the first EFPT event in the beginning of the year which in the end gave me still a 7the place in the overall ranking although I only did 2 events! This was also the first year I didn't compete at the national competitions as there was no wind on the last event 1 week ago and so no chance to defend my netherlands and belguam freestyle championship this year, maybe next year will see.

Now freestyle competitions are over I'm trying to go more wavesailing when the wind is good as I will compete in the belguim championships of wave so I can get a bit used to the waves again. This saterday we got some great conditions with a strong NE wind from 25 knts and nice waves from sometimes 2meters and in the back even 2.5-3 meter gave us Bredene (belguim) at it's best with wind from the right and a great day of sailing. I put some nice new pictures on my slideshow so you can have a look there how it was saterday.

For next week the conditions look assome although it's going to get colder but that doesn't matter if you see the windforcast from brouwersdam with probably also some good waveaction again with wind from the left this time and hopefully on saterday the Belguim championships of wave!!

Stay tuned as hopefully there will be a update next week from the Belguim Championships of wave!

Cheers Dieter

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