Tuesday, 26 October 2010

BK Wave was on!!

hello everybody

As I hoped last week on my blog BK wave finally happened in very hard conditions with typical Belgian or in this case French conditions as the competition was held at La Pointe. It was rainy, cloudy almost no sun but very strong wind with big waves which were getting bigger every hour. It all started very early as we all knew the wind was going to drop in the afternoon and turn onshore so the competition started at 9 just half an hour after sunset which made it impossible to warm up. Luckily I did some wave sailing the week before in side onshore conditions so I was totally used to it again and could find fast my rhythm. The first heat the wind was still quite side shore with waves from 2-3 meters and a very strong increasing wind so I was fully overpowered on my 4.0 but past the first round so I could go back and rig up my 3.7.

By the second round the wind even increased more and also turned more onshore which made it really hard to do some good wave rides and keep you're height as it the currents was really strong. I did a good heat although it was not my best but for the conditions there where is was more than good enough to pas.

Now I was up against Olivier Pas one of the only Belgian riders who can do the tweaked push loop good and landed it every heat so one of the favorites as he did also some good wave rides. The wind was just howling and the waves where now sometimes getting up to mast high and the wind was almost onshore which made it almost impossible to do front side wave rides. I did make it to my 2 wave rides with some good turns but could only do one jump where I needed to so I knew I had lost, although in the end I found out it was pretty close as my wave rides did score high. The competition was over for me and I finished in a nice 5th shared place. The final took place in Sangatte as there was still some wind and side to side-onshore wind and moderated waves. In the final we saw Jonas Handekyn winning it as young gun against the rest with nice wave rides and the best clean landed back loop from whole the competition! In second Olivier Pas with a nice push loop and good wave rides follow by Fabrice Devos who got the highest jumping score of the final. In fourth came Arno who was the wave champion of last year.

Cheers Dieter

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