Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dahab Day 6-7

Hello everybody

Been 3 days since I wrote on my blog. The last 2 days where really good here with the first day sailing on 4.7 in the morning which was really good but only for 2 hours and then the wind went down a little bit so that was the freestyle sailing session for that day. In the afternoon I went for some slalom sailing with alex what was really cool and made it a perfect day.

The second day was my best day here so far I was sailing for 4 hours on my 4.3 fully powered up and was trying all the spots a bit here in Dahab. You have 4 main spots in the bay of Dahab. The lagoon where so far I haven’t surfed jet because its pretty full with beginners usually and can get really crowded but should have some nice shops for shaka if been told so maybe I go check it out tomorrow. Than you have the 2 flat water place’s Speedy’s where you surf next to a small reef which give nice flat water and has been so far the place where I had my best session and the most consistent wind. Then you also have Baby bay which is the place where all the movies are filmed most of the time like 4 dimension for example and is really good working with high tide as you can still surf a bit over the reef so you can get some nice speed before entering the flat water. As last spot you have Kamikazi which is actually just outside the bay and behind the reef and where the swell is going whit the wind but not really breaking but pretty big I guess it was today up to 2-3 meters and it wasn’t yet the most windy day of the week so it still should get bigger tomorrow and then maybe some ramps will build up.

So now you know a bit more about the place here next time I really hope I can put some picture’s online but so far I still couldn’t get on to them so hopefully it will work out tomorrow so I can upload them on my next update

Stay tuned!

Cheers Dieter

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  1. Toegevoegd aan mijn favorieten! :-)
    Lekker blijve rippen, Dieter! en slalom... Jihaa :-)