Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dahab 1ste Day off surfing

Hello everybody

Today it was windy almost all day long. It was my first session on my new sails and started with a 4.7 in the morning at 9 which actually was the best session off the day. I got to know the spot a bit and learned to now the people from Club Vass a bit better. I did 2 more session today but non of them both where so good as the first one because it was more gusty!

I didn't take any pictures today but tommorow we planned a trip to El Tur to do some filming and photoshooting sow hopefully I will get some good pictures and video footage!



  1. Amai, je gebruikt je blog goed. Ben ik blij om =D. Hoor ik nog iets van u, want u zus ga je ni e.mailen e :p. Heb je trouwens men e.mail op FB aangekregen?
    Veel plezier!!

  2. Amuseer je in El Tur! Perfecte freestylespot met echt amper volk op het water en perfecte filmlocatie's vanuit de hoge stakestels naast het water.