Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Hello everybody

Welcome on my new blog!
It's something new I want to try to keep you all updated about where I'm ore what my plans will be for the next few weeks ore other things that are important.
I want to try to update my blog at least 2 to 4 times a month and when I'm on holiday and i have internet probably a bit more.

For the moment I'm in Dahab where I will stay for 3 weeks in total to do some training before Sylt end of next month. I just arrived today and mist the wind there was in the morning which gave me the time to pack everything out so it's ready for the next days when it's windy.

Tommorow the windconditions look really good and maybe i can try to make some smal pictures to put on my blog but that's not yet for sure.

I will put on a new blogitem soon!



  1. Ik zie dat het gelukt is je blog uptedate =) En hoe ist daar? Warm zeker? Als je problemen hebt met je blog, laat ma weten dan e ;).
    Veel plezier daar nog in Dahab!!
    En t'is hier nu veel te stil in huis ze ;)
    Je zus ;)