Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mui Ne Day 1-3

hello everybody

Since my arrive here at Mui Ne here 2 days ago it hasn't been windy jet so I didn't have any surfing action so far but looking to the forcast there is going to get change in very soon!!

After 2 days sitting in the hotel at Ho Chi Mihn City it was finally time to go to Mui Ne. We got picked up in the morning around 8 O'clock to leave for or 4,5 hour drive till Mui Ne. Before I was thinking I would still sleep a lot in the car so the travelling wouldn't feel so long but I soon found out that wasn't going to happen, getting out of Ho Chi Mihn City took us already 1 hour just because all the scooters that are riding around which makes it really chaotic on the road as you can see on the picture below.

But the rest of the ride wasn't any better, if you know there is now highway here and only a single carriageway you can imagen that it goes a lot slower than in Europa. But besides that it became even more intresting and dangerous out of my point of view when I saw the speed limits where conected to which kind of vehicul you where driving. A big truck was only aloud to ride at a speed of max. 40km/h while a normal car was aloud to drive up to 80 km/h which resulted in crazy take overs where I was wondering a lot how the still made it without crashing! But all besides that we got the time to see a bit around how the landscape is looking from vietnam which is very green!

In Mui Ne were staying at the Ever Green Geusthous, which is 1km away from Jibe's, the surfclub where my surfgear is stocked for my stay here. It is a very nice hotel (bighouse) with very nice rooms and very friendly owners, and for its price incredible big!

As there was no wind yet I just filt my days with packing out my gear, getting my footstraps on and taking a swim in the swimmingpool. But from of friday the wind will kick in and than I will be able to train hard for the upcoming competition! Tommorow there is a small chance for wind but not to much!

As soon as it gets windy I will do another update with finally some action pics!

Cheers Dieter

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