Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bangkok at the Starboard office

hello everybody

Since my exames where done as january ended it was time for me to gather my stuff together and leave for warmer places, where there good wind and nice tempertiors. It was time for me to go to Vietnam! As the first PWA competition is going to start at Mui Ne I thought it would be a good idee to do my wintertraining at the very same spot as the competition would be to give me a good preparation before the competition will start and this month on the 25th till the 1st of march.

Now I'm already in Vietnam but not yet on the spot (Mui Ne Beach) but still in the city of Ho Chi Mihn where I landed around 10 hours ago. I'm staying in a hotel not to far away from the airport in a pretty cheap but nice hotel. Here I will stay till monday morning till I get picked up together with my sister (who joins me on this trip) to go to Mui Ne.

Before this I was 2 days in Bangkok at the head office of Starboard to meet everybody behind the scences and get an idee how everything works around at one of my head sponsors. I was staying at Tiesda's house which was on the other side of the lake as the office. The marketing manegar Sacha showed me around the whole company but also around a part of Bangkok, for sure the biggest city I have ever seen in my whole live, with around 12 milj. inhabitants it has more people living than in my home country Belguim, so you can imagen how busy it is.

It was great to finally meet all those people which I was been mailing with but I didn't know personnally jet. But the most intresting thing I found was to see how they where making the boards and how they got there new designes drawn out for the boards. Besides that the wakeboard cable next to the office was cool to get some nice refrechmend and have some fun on the water and get some pictures of a bit of action. It was only the second or thirth time I wake-boarded before so looking at that it went pretty well. For sure taysting for more.

As soon I'm in Mui Ne I will post another updated (which will be in 2 or 3 days) and will afterwarteds update my blog much more freequently to let you know everything about this trip!

Cheers Dieter

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