Friday, 25 February 2011

PWA Mui Ne day 1

Hello everybody

After some good days of training here in Mui Ne with lots of wind.Today finally started the competition here in Mui Ne, with some great wind around 25 knts what gave some great action. With only 25 competotors here in Vietnam I was already seeded for the second round against Nicolas Ackyzcian from France. After the skippersmeeting at 1 a.m. we had one hour to warm up before the competition would start at 2 a.m. . During my warmup I didn't really feel so great in my sailing but still was sailing okay to give me some good confidence for my heat against Nicolas.

The heat before my heat I went upwind from the course area and went to put myself ready at the beach from jibe's where everybody gave me tumbs up for my heat and gave me a great motivation to go and sail a good heat. I was using my S-1 4.3 on my flare 88 which was perfect for the wind not really overpowerd which you don't want to be in the chop here. As my heat started I had full concentration and started of with a great Kono on the way in followed by shovit (while attempting a shaka) and than following with a nice Funnel oh. Which gave me so much confidence for the rest of my heat. In the end I did almost all the moves I wanted like Culo, Shaka, airflaka, funnel 900° and so on. To end with a Toad on the way out which I just learned here and don't land that save yet so I was super happy! When I came back and I heard I won I realised I got for the first time in the top 8 at a single elimination already.

My next heat was against Taty who was really sailing well, which ended up in a very bad heat for me, I started fine with a kono and a shaka on the way in but afterwarteds it only whend wourse, I think the top moment for me still was in that heat when I went for a massive shaka and ended up doing it al in the air to crash like coming out of an over rotated Airflaka. So I knew I lost already before I came to the beach. Next time better I would say! And still I made it in the top 8 which made me very happy! Also see Kiri winning on he's birthday was very nice, the finals where sick to watch and gave me an idee where I still have to go and work for!

Tommorow we have the double so I hope I can get to 7th place or maybe better will see.

Stay tuned!

Cheers Dieter

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