Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day 7-12

Hello everybody

It's been a week since I updated my blog, it's been pretty windy the last days here especially the day after I last updated my blog. Already from the morning it was full power windy, around 12 I was already out on my 4.0 fully powerd up, to have a whole day of great surfing.

The wind always gets a bit stronger around 3 and so it did also on that day which made its
 way to strong for my 4.0 but because I didn't want to rig me 3.7 I decided to go for some backloops on the ramps that where building up that day, the landing was just not working out yet, but it's definately possible to do them here on strong days!

The next 2 days it stayed windy for 4.7 and Tilo and me had some good surfing sessions where we could get more used to the conditions and to the big chop here, getting more ready for the conditions.

Also Phillip, Max and Brain arrived 3 days ago and since then there where 2 days of good wind, yesterday and 3 days ago, you really can see everybody is struggling with the conditions in the beginning, but after a while is getting more used to it. I think the competitions is really going to be interesting but probably also very tough, but I'm looking forward to be training one more week before the competition will start!

Next updat will be faster again as there is a good wind prediction for next week, hopefully we get some good pictures again! I also want to thank pascal for the pictures he took!

Cheers Dieter

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