Sunday, 13 February 2011

day 4-6

                                                           hello everybody

After another day without wind, it finally got a bit windy on Friday, but with only 12-15 knots it was more waiting for a gust on my 5.3 than really surfing and training like I had hoped! But eventuelly didn't happen for Friday. Friday also Tilo Eber already arrived who is still fighting a bit against he's big Jetlack he has from coming to here. After looking to the windpredictions again it seemed like Saterday with become a great day with some good wind.

And finally Saterday we got some real winds over here in Vietnam. The wind picks up around 12 to get the strongest around 3 in the afternoon before starting to turn a bit more to the north and getting side to side offshore towards the evening. Which makes it very gusty around 5 and is so the perfect time to get out.

I arrived at 12 O'clock on the beach and immidiatly putted on my 4.7 for my first session, harnas on and ready to go on the water, my 4.7 was nice powered up and I could finally start practicing again my power moves but more of all get used to the conditions. The conditions here are SUPER choppy which makes it very hard sailing on this spot. When I was sailing on my 4.7 it was still okay and wasn't that hard sailing yet, but as I took my 4.3 after lunch it became a lot more choppy and harder.

The wind became a lot stronger and I was really fully powerd up on my 4.3 to get even a bit overpowerd towards the end of the day. Sliding moves where very hard doing in this chop so I was training more the air moves, like shovit-spock and making big shaka's on the way out. Toward the evening you got somethimes some nice ramp hopefully today the got even a bit bigger so we could go for backloop, but will see, first breakfeast and than will see wath the wind and the conditions will say!

My day yesterday was perfect for me at least, I also found out that day I passed all my exames from January so I was also super stocked with that!!

Cheers Dieter

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