Wednesday, 2 March 2011

4day PWA Mui Ne

Hello everybody

Sorry for the late update from the last day of the competition but as it turned out it still were busy evenings the day after the competition, with the closing ceremony yesterday evening I didn't find the time to update yet.

My last day started with much lighter wind than the days before which put everybody on there biggest sails which for me was the 4.7 as in the gusts it was strong enough and was a good setup on my Flare 88 as my 5.3 is a bit big on that board. With Steven being out of the race through injury the fight for 5th place was totally open again which was my biggest goal in this double with my biggest opponants Phil Soltysiak and Anthony Ruenes as they ended up 7th in the last double elimination.

But first I had to make it past Yegor to end up against Phil. I had a pretty good heat although I was really underpowered in the beginning of the heat which made it a bit getting used to after been sailing fully powered up the past few days during the competition but all by all it worked out well landing my usual repertoir with Kono's, Culo's, Airflaka and Shaka both ways to make it trough my heat end get the deciding heat against Phil for who would end up 5th in this competition as Davy Sheffers who was on a role today kicked out Anthony Ruenes.

Against Phil I had a pretty good heat again although it wasn't my best performance of the competition not really feeling well in this lighter wind conditions but still ended up putting on a good show which was enough to secure my victory against Phil and my 5th place in the competition which was my main goal of the day but not anymore with the big heat like the days before. But 5th is 5th so I was already super happy when I won against Phil!!

Next up was Davy whom I already sailed against very much and was a well know opponent for me. That heat I sailed terribly bad with quite a lot of crashes and only a few good light points like a nice Kono and Burner on the way in but that was about it. I was more busy with the fact that I became 5th in the competition than with the fact I was still sailing a heat against a very good sailing Davy Sheffers which resulted in a well deserved win for Davy.

I was already really happy with my 5th place in the competition and got even more happy after Taty ended up 3rd and Kiri finally won his first PWA event!! With doing the sickest Culo OH pirouet I ever saw and made everyone on the beach going crazy!!

Now slalom has started and the wind died which results in very long days with no action to check out and hoping for wind the next 2 days so I still can have a surf before I sadly have to leave Vietnam again on my way home again to cold Europe!

Cheers Dieter

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