Thursday, 29 September 2011

PWA Sylt day 1-5

Hello everybody


I came to Sylt straight after Dahab, going from the airport straight to Rick Jendrusch to leave to Sylt, this gave us 2 days before the competition on the island. And also gave us the only 2 days with wind. The first day I missed because I was sick, probably from the traveling and going from 35°C to 13°C in Sylt in just one day so I spent the whole day in bed. The second day in Sylt was a typical day in Sylt death onshore, strong current and pretty big shore break, good time to find out how difficult it can be to be sailing in Sylt, it was around 20-25 knts but with the current there was no chance of taking a smaller sail than my 4,7. So I knew already how Sylt could be for in the future.


From the day the competition started the wind dropped out, we had one day where we had a good chance of wind when you where looking to the forecast with a SSW wind from around 20 knts it should be enough for Freestyle everybody thought. So Skippers meeting at 6.45 in the morning to make use of this wind as much as possible, but in the end the wind never kicked in strong enough for us, making the PWA decide to switch to Slalom because there was just enough wind still for the big slalom gear.  But in the end also there was not enough wind to finish a whole elimination.

The rest of the days I’ve been spending my time making a wave movie from Gran Canaria which came online beginning of this week and been doing a lot of surfing as there are still some waves good enough for some fun on my surfboard. But now as the wind has totally dropped it looks like there will be no swell left anymore and the only thing still going on is our Tow-in freestyle contests where we get pulled in with a Jetski.


So far we had already 2 tow-in competitions where from one I made into the final. With the first one I had an extremely difficult or rather say impossible qualifying heat being in the same heat with Golitto who scored a 30 point move and Marcilio Brown scoring 27 I was really happy with landing my Airfunnel where I got 21 points for. In the end it was a great final to see again with an unbelievable amount of spectators on the beach cheering for the guys every time they came in!


The second one was yesterday in much harder conditions; it was really choppy and actually really difficult to do anything which left a lot of crashing going on for everybody. In my qualifying heat I just made it through with a perfect funnel OH just scoring 19,5 which was enough to advance into the final. In the final I went too far away from the jetski coming out of the first corner giving me no choice besides letting go of the rope and go for a move which I crashed in the end. On my second try I wanted to try something I never tried before.  As everybody was going for burners alone I wanted to go for a Skopu.  In the end it didn’t even get close as it’s way harden than I thought but it was something different to the rest. In the end it was again Golitto going away with the first price scoring again a 30 point burner 900 in his first run already making him unbeaten so far this year’s Tow-in. That was all the action so far, no competition yet and looking at the forecast it doesn’t look like anything good!

Cheers Dieter

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