Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dahab Part 1

Hello Everybody

It’s been a while since I my last update again although there has been tons of action going on on the water with a lot of days sailing at home in some strong freestyle and wave conditions before I could leave for my Dahab trip of 10 days, which is my shortest trip ever to Dahab so far but definitely worth it.

The first 5 days where amazing every day wind for my Flare 91 and S1 4.7 or S1 4.3 just sailing with board shorts and still feeling like it was a bit too hot was great after the colder sessions at home. The first few days I spent most of my days sailing at Speedy’s which is a pretty flat place at the main part of the bay and has the best winds as the wind gets an extra kick as it comes over a flat peace of land giving it the strongest wind in the whole bay but also a lot of other surfers.

After surfing every morning till about 11-12 depending on when the wind would die off, I filled my afternoons with teaching a friend of me who joint me on this trip how to windsurf as there was always perfect light wind for that in the afternoons before dropping totally at 4 p.m. Perfect to head back home on time to relax a bit and enjoy an amazing meal in Dahab city before falling a sleep well tiered!

Last Thursday we went to Blue lagoon again which was absolutely amazing having the best sail in ages with a full moon session and 5 hours of sailing! But more about that will come in my next update as soon as I have all the pictures! So stay tuned!

Cheers Dieter

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