Friday, 2 September 2011

The European Surfweek

Hello everybody

Last week Friday I went to the European Surfweek for people with a handicap all coming for one thing -  having a great week of fun and learn or improve windsurfing! As I first arrived I was totally surprised with how many they were expecting a group of around 20 persons there where around 40 competitors from all over the world, coming from Germany, Romania, Hungary and many more countries it was an international venue travelling to Belgium for a wonderful week.

no wheelchair for us we're windsurfing!

I arrived in the evening of Thursday and had already a chance to meet up with them and get to know them already a little bit, all speaking about how much fun they already had and looked forward to surf again the next day made me already understand they had a hell of great week so far with lots of fun. But also telling about their handicap they told me how live looks for them and what they do in their live, lots of them are studying as there were also competitors from around my age, others have their own company and others just enjoy live.

The next day there was not too much wind and with chance of thunder in the morning we decided to get an interview going about how it is on the world tour and how all the boards and sails are made. I rigged up a sail and put my board ready to give them the chance to feel and examine my gear and gave them the time to ask me any questions they wanted making the morning pas a bit faster as they were all eager to get on to the water again for their last day.

In the afternoon the clouds cleared up there was no chance anymore for thunder anymore and time to get the competition started. I missed the Freestyle competition from the day before but could see now how they were doing the small race which was planned. Helping from within the boat I got the biggest respect for all the sailors having so much fun in really light wind conditions was great to see, I saw even two of my blind friends jump of a low wind forward from their board after asking me if they had the space to do it, just great!

the forward guys!!

In the evening we had a price giving for all competitors giving them a nice medallion for their sailing the whole week making it a great end of a great day for me and a great week for them. After giving all the monitors a nice champagne shower it was time for a nice BBQ and a nice end party of the week.

Afterwards we had 2 days of good sailing at Brouwersdam making it an all perfect weekend! Yesterday I also had my last exam and will be heading of soon to Dahab for 2 weeks to have some training before the last competition in Sylt end of this month!

 never say blind people can't Freestyle!

Cheers Dieter

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