Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Blue Lagoon Trip

Hello everybody

Last week Thursday me and some friends of me made a trip to the Blue lagoon in Dahab where everything returnes back to basic and the only thing you can do is just surf and relax. Blue lagoon is a great place from the Bedouins up north of Dahab providing always a little bit more wind than in Dahab and most important no society or big resorts which can break the wind, only a few huts of wood and beautiful blue water.

After taking the boot in Asala we had a nice 1,5 hour boat trip up to the blue lagoon, with an upcoming full moon we where all already getting exciting about making a great night session as the wind was already kicking in as we arrived in the lagoon. And indeed it was a great night session, it was the first time I ever sailed at night.  So couldn’t wait to rig up my sail and hit the water to first have a nice small one hour session before our evening food would be ready, just with 3 out on the water and a camera to get all our moves on picture giving really great shots! Afterwards we just left our gear just rigged up on the beach putted on a T-shirt and got a great meal before all falling fast a sleep in our hut.

The next morning I got the best wake up ever, wind was blowing already again around a nice 25 knts making it perfect to take my sail out again from the night before just putting on a harness and 5 min after I was awake I was already throwing my first freestyle moves while the others just got up, sailing for 15 min alone till all the other rigged up there sails and join me in my session.  As it was only 6 a.m. in the morning we still could do a nice long session before breakfast was on. Everybody was having the best time since long time on the water and everybody who you past had a big smile on their face. For me it was definitely one of my best session here in Egypt ever, nice consistent wind for my S1 4.3 and Flare 91 and only 5 people on the water making it already by breakfast worth the trip. Sailing upwind to our breakfast just made it all complete.

Afterwards we had another 3-4 hours of sailing before everybody was getting really tiered. I had a great time as it got a bit warmer than in the morning and the wind got even a bit more stronger making me be fully powered up on my S1 4.3 and landing my best flaka shaka ever in my life. In the end everybody was only thinking again about food as the wind was dropping a bit through the end of the session and we where all really hungry. Making lunch are last Bedouins food of our trip we all could look back on a great morning, in the afternoon there wasn’t enough wind anymore so we just spend our time relaxing and playing some games of poker while waiting for the boat to bring us back to reality and get us out of the total silence of nature.

To end the trip of we got a great star heaven with so many falling stars I couldn’t count them on both my hands. By the time the boot was picking us up the wind was already there again and gave us a fast ride back surfing the waves with a massive boot! All by all one of the best trips in my life! Now I'm in Sylt for the last PWA of the year, not windy so far..

Cheers Dieter

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