Thursday, 13 October 2011

End of Sylt and Dutch Championships!

Hello Everybody


Like was expected there didn’t come any wind anymore in Sylt which left the days just passing by with not that much action on the water, I still did a SUP one day when there were still some waves but besides that I spent my days usually hanging around on the beach. We had a couple more tow-in sessions and one at night which was really sick on the last Saturday, never saw so many people on the beach all going up in the action, just amazing!


After leaving from Sylt it started to get immediately windy at home, having already a nice evening session on Tuesday it really kicked in on Wednesday with a really good session on Brouwersdam sailing freestyle the whole day together with my father was great again! On Thursday I went wave sailing in Bredene sailing on my S1 4.0 and Quad 69 the whole day it was great to be in the waves again since Pozo last July. Also with the Belgium wave championships now in Standby every weekend of October I want to be used to sailing on the wave board and sailing in the waves.

On Friday it was still windy but I had to go to school to subscribe for my subjects and get my first books for the year. But after sailing 5 hours the day before in the waves all my muscles where really feeling sore so wouldn’t been the best for training anyhow. On Saturday we had a good forecast but in the end it turned out to be a cold, pretty gusty and rainy day. Standing totally without any pressure in the sail the one moment and being overpowered the other moment it wasn’t the best to train.

On Sunday we had the Dutch Championships of Freestyle at the Amstelmeer in the north of the Netherlands, it was a great competition with winds on the limit of sailability and pretty cold temperatures it were typical Dutch conditions. During the first heats I was getting more and more used to the system of 6 moves counting landing burners both sides and some good air funnels I was feeling pretty ready for the final. In the final I didn’t have my best heat but still managed to get into a second place behind Davy Scheffers and in front of Rick Jendrush who was sailing really well!

Monday I had another great wave session at Bredene, that day it was super windy being totally overpowered on 3.7 that I couldn’t jump for 30 minutes but the waves built up great! There was a nice size of waves and some good ramps for jumping. I could finally land some nice takas again and got my backside wave360 a bit more under control again. Besides that I just had great fun with friends on the water and landed some of my biggest back loops so far. The wave-pictures included  are from a wave sessions in May between Bonaire and Aruba as I don’t have pictures from the two wave days.

Tuesday was my best freestyle session since long time. Only sailing 2 hours was enough, just fully powered up on a 4.0 on death flat water was just great, everything  I wanted to do worked and I finally landed some new moves again which got me really motivated to sail a lot of freestyle also in West-Australia which is my big next trip planned. For the moment it’s pretty light winds here in Netherlands but it looks like next week we can get some winds again!

Cheers Dieter

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