Sunday, 30 October 2011

Last days at home and Big Trip Australia the beginning!

Hello everybody

After my last update I had 2 more great days of sailing. One was really good beeing fully powered up on my S1 4.3.   I went to a new spot for the first time with Z0 which worked great. You had a combination of death flat water and great shop to jump on. The ramps where so good I even landed 2 backloops on the lake! Beside that all the rest was going great also, it was a really nice session at home before I would leave to Australia.

View from the Fly mount, great to shoot other angles! 

On my last session at home the wind was really light and only strong enough in the gusts but apart from that it was great. Nice sun, not too cold at all and a perfect day for my last sail at home maybe for 2011 which made me enjoy the session even more than I would have normally done probably, after that it was coming home and getting myself packed for my 5 week trip to West-OZ! where I will be travelling the West-coast together with Laure Treboux and Timon Hagen.
All my camera gear together, Timon will still have much more to play with than this including a slide!

The items that are taking the most space in my suitcase are the camera utilities we are carrying.  All to make a good movie out of it!

My Sunwise sunglasses to protect my eyes from the strong Australian sun!

Now I’m in Bangkok, not like I planned 48 hours ago but with the strike of Qantas this was the best and fastest possibility, thanks to a lot of calling around from Timon it all turned out good in the end and we will only be half a day later in Australia than planned, so far the wind predictions aren’t the best yet but still good enough for some sailing in the morning with East winds.

My Camaro wetsuits to keep me nice and warm on the water!

Keep updated!

Cheers Dieter

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