Saturday, 10 December 2011

Review on trip to Australia!

Hello Everybody

It’s been way too long since I wrote on this blog, but in Australia I didn’t have to much acces to internet which made it pretty hard to make updates of my blog. Besides that I have to be honest I was also enjoying the trip way too much that I got a bit lazy and never wrote the blog. Now today I finally found some time to make a small report on my way back from school where I’m trying to catch up all my school work which is a big mission on itself but should still work out fine hopefully.

sunset at corronation 

I’ve been 5 weeks in Australia and sailed almost 4 full weeks out of them scoring a lot of wind and some really good sessions on the water. During the trip I’ve been to the famous Gnarloo which I just loved, the waves there are so perfect it’s just unbelievable, 9 turns on a wave wasn’t rare and this wave after wave, just perfect to improve my riding. Also on the trip I’ve been to the Area of Sharkbay just an amazing place, being protected for its unique nature it was a sick place to do freestyle all by myself with a nice 20 knts of wind.

Flat water and all alone! 

Besides that I’ve been mostly sailing in Geraldton at Coronation beach, feeling myself home in the conditions I saw it as the perfect training place with flat water in the front and jumping ramps in the back, I think I also spent the most time here on the water as I could use my wave and freestylboard perfectly on one day. Geraldton is the most windy place at the westcoast besides greenhead and which gave me a good reason to stay there for my last 3 weeks.

An evening jumping session, nothing better to end the day

Besides all the windsurfing I saw some amazing nature and met some really nice people, Australia is a country of nature, friendly people, wind and waves. With other words the perfect place to stay during the winter if living was a bit cheaper. But I’m off to school work again so keep you updated for my next trip to Tarifa which starts next week Friday for 3 weeks!!

besides a cold beer with this view from up the mountain! 

Cheers Dieter 

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