Tuesday, 5 July 2011

PWA Lanzarote review 7th Place

Hello everybody
After 2 new events in the Caribbean on the PWA it was time to go back to Europe’s most windy islands in the Canaries and pack our Bags for “only” a 4 hour flight to the place where the PWA comes every summer.  First stop on the Canaries is like always Lanzarote with a good forecast it promised to become a good show again.

The first days of my stay here in Lanzarote I took the time to get a bit used to the conditions and work away my jetlag before the competition would start to be as fit as possible again for already the 3rd competition in row. I also rigged up my spare gear from home as my boardbag would only just arrive on the first day of the competition as they left it behind in Aruba on the way home, but all by all everything just came good in the end having my favorite equipment just 15 min before the first heat on day one.

The first day we got nice wind conditions blowing around 18-20 knts making it perfect freestyle conditions as there where not to many waves around like you can have here sometimes. In my first heat I had to go against Nicolas Spadea from Italy, I sailed a very good heat pulling of a great repertoire of moves including, burners, skopus, culos, konos and big shakas. Making myself confident for the next heat against Davy Scheffers. That heat I started well in the first 2 min taking the lead in the heat but once I started crashing I didn’t stop anymore, I felt weak as with all the commotion over the missing boardbags I forgot to eat and drink for a couple of hours which was not the best idea. The heat ended up in a disaster, where I started crashing Davy started sailing better and made it sure he would win and I already knew I lost straight away when I came from the water having my worst heat so far on the PWA tour. The only thing I could do was work myself up again in the double.
Time for the double.
After a day of less wind we could finally finish the first single at the 3rd day to start immediately with the double and putting me back in action and giving myself the chance to work myself up again for a good result. In the first heat I met teammate Rick Jendrush who sailed very well the previous heat beating Leo Ray who came back on the Freestyle tour for the first time this year making him an opponent  do not underestimate. With 4 out of 7 moves counting I felt more comfortable and ready to fight myself up again in the double. I gave Rick no chance sailing a very technical heat and making sure I would advance in the next round where I would meet Edvan Da Souza. I saw him already sailing some nice heats but I knew if I kept going like I did against Rick I knew I would win. I crashed a bit more this heat but still made my moves and showed  the judges what they wanted with big Shakas, super fast konos and nice burners on both tacks putting myself in the top 10 to meet Taty Frans where I had to win against to get into the top 8 which is my goal at every event. But that heat hat to wait till day 4 as the wind got weaker towards the evening.
On day 4 I was in the first heat against Taty in a more stronger wind than the days before. Waiting till 1 O’clock till the conditions really kicked in it was time to finally get through against one of the top guys as I already had 3 times this year that I lost by half a point against them determent to do good I started with going for a one handed shaka which was not going like in practice as it ended up in a big crash giving Taty in the beginning of the heat the lead but after 2 min. of not finding my groove I got back into it and made the best out of the last 6 min putting a heat together with on the way in a perfect burner, fast culo, shakaflaka and double spock OH as my counting moves and on the way out, an Airflaka, big shaka, double puneta and another perfect Burner showing good diversity made me win against Taty who sailed a good heat but not his best one making me finally win the heat! Against Bjorn I had a less good heat and Bjorn an amazing heat giving the advantage to him leaving me on a 7th place putting myself again in that top 8.
Today I saw how wavy Lanzarote can be in strong wind making me feel quite happy it wasn’t competition then hopefully I can do more jumps by next year so I would also be able to perform at least as well in these strong conditions! Will put pictures of today later online.
Now I’m off to Grand Canaria for some waves to train my jumping and have a nice time to relax a bit after all the freestyling from the last month!
Cheers Dieter 

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