Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Gran Canaria trip part 1

hello everybody

After another sick day of jumping conditions in Lanzarote on my waveboard it was time to go to Gran Canaria for the First time in my life for a trip of 6 days to both surf and watch the worldcup wave at the best jumpingplace in whole of Europe!

The first day that I could surf I woke up looking to the sea with no wind at all on it wondering whether I was so unlucky to get the first day a strange  windless on Pozo but as soon as I arrived I saw already white caps and some sails going up and down. But unfortunately no waves which left me back driving home to get my freestyle board out and get a freestyle session on my 4.3 on Pozo already getting a warm welcome with the rocky slippery beach at high tide which wasn’t the easiest to get out, but all by all it was a nice first day with some good freestyle sailing.

The second day the wind was already stronger and the waves were a bit better getting my freestyle board out of the way to make place for my waveboard which I would sail on the rest of the days during my stay in GC. I was sailing the whole day on 4.3 and 4.0 till the competition started late in the afternoon for the ladies. But it all was going good, I got more control in the backloops, started to do the shakas and takas in the waves and started to try the reverse on the waves which I could do the day before already on the freestyle board but is a bit harder on the waveboard as it doesn’t slide that well obviously.

The 3rd day the wind picked even up more getting myself fast out on the water before the competition would start as the tide was coming up again and the waves would improve even more. I was fully stacked on my 3.7 that day making it perfect to go for some higher backloops and try my first pushloops which resulted in not a big success but in a lot of great spectacular crashes by going to vertical and always catching the top of the mast, but soon I will try them again! Also that they I got a bit more the technique better of the reverse and got to land some nicely in the waves. But after 2 hours of sailing competition was going to start and everybody went of the water to enjoy the show which was just unbelievable. The jumps where so incredible watching for sure the best jumping in my whole life especially the ones of Philip Koster with a perfect dry landed pushloopforward but also the massive stalled double forward from Ricardo Campello where you could see him coming back for another board and the sick shakas in the waves from both Victor Fernandez and Marcilio Brown.

Now I’m already 7 days Fuerteventura full training again on Freestyle for the competition that will start on the 23 of july! A update from my training here will come just before the event!

Tomorrow part 2 will come online!
Cheers Dieter

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