Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gran Canaria Trip Part 2

hello everybody

Here is the second part from my report of GC.

The 4th day they gave really strong winds and if it was, looking to pozo which would be totally overpowerd we drove down to Vargas to have my first session there everybody was on there 3.7 and 3.3 leaving me now chose but unpacking my 3.3 for the first time and even that was actually to big.
After one and half hours of sailing I had enoufh of flying away as the wind was just getting stronger and stronger and I was rather on the beach of Pozo watching the wave guys fly sky high than sail another session.
The 5th day it was time to take a break I sailed already a lot the past month and wanted to see the finals which I just came just in time for on the beach as they already really started urly. The wind was so strong that they that looking back afterwartes to it I think I wouldn’t have got a nice sail at all that day and took the perfect day for a break. After watching the finals which where already finished at 11 we went back home to relax a bit and sort out the film material and pictures we already had so far. But after sitting in the house the whole day I got tiered of it and we went to take a trip more to the inland of Gran Canaria to see wath the island has to offer besides windsurfing. We drove up to Sant Agustin up in the montaines. It was unbelievable there was almost no wind while on pozo it was blowing 45 knts the nature was super nice and all so quite. It’s the first time I went somewhere else than the beaches on the islands but was for sure the one hour drive worth it!

On the last day of Gran Canaria it looked the same wind as the day before leaving me looking for another spot both on Vargas and Pozo everybody was flying on there 3.3 and 3.7 and the waves waren’t always the best.. So we drove more to the north where there’s always a bit of less wind than at Pozo etc. We found a spot close to the airport and couldn’t belief only John Sky was outsailing and nobody else. There was perfect wind for 4.0 some nice waves coming in up to 2 meters and breaking pretty nice for backside waveriding.
I had my best session of the whole trip as I went on the water John already had enoufh of sailing 2 hours and lefts home to pack for Tenerife I had the whole bay (which isn’t that big) all for myself, sailing for 2,5 hours straight having the best wavesailing session since Tarifa this winter. Looking back afterwartes on the footage I still can’t belive only in the end I got visite from other surfers when the wind actually started to die of and the waves got to big for the spot sometimes reaching almost 3m which resulted just in a close out. It’s a spot where I will go again if Pozo gets to windy!
Gran Canaria was a great trip which was for the first time ever for me concentrated on wavesailing a bit hopefully I can do next year the same or maybe visite another island! Take also a look on my facebook Fanpage for more pictures from this trip:

Cheers Dieter

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