Saturday, 21 July 2012

Fuerte part 2

Hello Everybody

 It’s been almost a week since my last update about Fuerteventura. In one week we had a lot of conditions of really strong winds, sometimes flat and sometimes with some nice waves at low tide. Also everybody is arriving for the competition and the level on the water got a lot higher since I arrived, everybody is ripping! We also had 2 days of sandstorm where the wind would just turn full offshore and get so strong it was pretty much impossible to sail (if Steven already says he’s fully overpowered on a 3.8 you can imagine how windy it has been).

The first days the wind was still nice NE which gives the best wind here at Sotavento as it’s the most consistent then, how more offshore how more gusty is the rule here in Fuerteventura. During those days we got some really nice waves at low tide to go for some big backloops  while being fully powered up on a 3.7, it was pretty hard to do anything else as I had way to much fun jumping one backloop after the other. On the way in it was perfect to go for skopus, Burners and all the other freestyle moves, it would be sick to get a day like this during the competition but so far the forecast for than doesn’t look the best but still long time away so everything still can change!

After the days of NE the waves disappeared and the wind turned more offshore, one day it was still nice but after that day the sandstorms started to come which forced everybody to take a break or their smallest sail and try to survive. Both days I tried and both days it wasn’t too much of a success, it was just TOO windy lucky I still have a 3.3 in my bag for the case we get these winds for the competition so that I have at least a bit of control in as far as that’s possible with a 3.3, but as a said before, the forecast doesn’t give the most wind..

As of today the Slalom starts which means we can’t really train in the competition area and we will have to wait for evening session or go downwind in-between the 2 centres to go sailing. With 5 more days to the competition the countdown has started! Can’t wait!

Cheers Dieter

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