Saturday, 14 July 2012

Fuerteventura part 1

Hello Everybody

So like every year we are on Fuerte again, this is my 3rd time here and I have to say you really need to get used to this spot. Windy like hell, gusty and choppy means a typical day at centre 1. I’ve been sailing for the last 4 days and already 2 of them were on 3.7. It’s the first time I freestyle on such a small sail since.. last year Fuerte!! The only place where I do take smaller than 4.0 to freestyle.

 My first day here was still on 4.0 but I really had the feeling I had to learn to sail again.
The first half hour I almost couldn’t do anything and had one of the better catapult in my life. After that I got a bit more into it again but still not as it needed to be but there is still enough time for that. Also it has been pretty wavy for Fuerte the last days which makes it great for jumping, perfect time to get my back loops sorted out again in more offshore winds and get the landing, which is a bit different, perfect again. Besides that it’s been trying to survive on my smallest sail and making the best out of it, which isn’t going too bad.

On the second day I also did one short session at Matas blancas which gives perfect flat water in gusty offshore wind but great fun and a bit less wind than centre 1. It’s the perfect place to try some new moves before you go and try them one session later in the choppy conditions of Sotavento.

Yesterday we decided to make a trip up North where the wind is always a bit less making it possible to sail really relaxed on a 4.4 when everybody is flying away in Sotavento on their smallest sails. It wasn’t the best wind still gusty but a lot of fun. In the beginning there were ramps a bit deeper which were perfect to do some big back loops on and on the way in it was pretty similar to Centre 1. It’s a good place to try out some new stuff in choppy conditions without being out of control. Today I take a break I think as after 16 days of sailing in a row my body is getting pretty tiered!

From of tomorrow the wind should get a little bit less again and we can start to train full on again, still 12 days left till the event starts for the Freestyle which still gives a lot of time to train!!

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Also take a look to my new movie which I just got online after 2 weeks trying, kind of hard to find good internet to upload movies!

Cheers Dieter

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