Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tow-in Action and new sponsor CAMARO

      Hello everybody

After a whole week of sailing with 5 days in a row full freestyling on my S1 4.3 and Flare 91 in both the Netherlands as Belgium the wind stopped, but the action didn’t.
Last Friday, Steven Van Broeckhoven gave a big party for his world championship celebration with a tow in show at the surfclub where it all started for him on a small lake in the middle of Belgium. The tow in was going great and we could put on a nice show for the people on the beach who came to celebrate the new world champion.
We got pulled in with a jetski and could show people already a bit where freestyle is about even on a small lake all surrounded by trees which is the best part about tow-in windsurfing, to be able to show something from freestyle windsurfing everywhere there’s water and a jetski. It all ended with a nice party showing some movies from Steven and a great look back on the year.
Also I have the great news to announce that since the beginning of this month I will be riding for Camaro Wetsuits. Together with them I will continue to build out my windsurfing career and get the wetsuits back more known into the windsurfing industry as high Quality wetsuits which suits for every kind of temperature, combining the latest technologies and the best products I’m really happy to be on their team. For sure take a look at their website
Cheers Dieter

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