Saturday, 24 January 2015

2nd place at the Lancelin Ocean Classic Wave Elite

Hello everybody

2015 has just started and the first contest of the year has already happened. Not in Freestyle this time but in Waves. End of last year I decided it was time for me to join a new discipline and thanks to my sponsors I will be able to compete on both the Freestyle and Wave tour next year, making me attend more contests and see new places! 

pic. by JC

Over the past 2 months I have spent a great time in Western-Australia training for both disciplines together with some of the best wave sailors in the world. Last weekend I had my first wave contest of the year and my first ever Lancelin Ocean classic. After just arriving 3 days before in Australia I didn’t have any practice in waves before the contest started on Thursday. Lucky for me the Elite men were last so I could get a bit of practice before the heats would start. Wind was great and waves were a perfect size for Lancelin, as well as creating a really fun steep part at the shallow inside section.

pic. by JC

Entering the Elite men meant there weren’t going to be any easy heats and for the first heat I was straight away against Scott McKercher to make it into the top 4. I had a good heat but knew I could have done better so hearing I passed this heat and not being kicked out straight away got me fully motivated for the next heat against Ben Severne. With 3 waves and 3 jumps to count in a 10 min heat there was not much time for mistakes. I got a perfect rythm that heat and sailed better than I ever sailed before in a wave contest combining good top turns with fast takas and backside 360 to get into the final against Jaeger Stone.

pic. by JC
During this last heat I couldn’t really get into the same rythm anymore and obviously lost against Jaeger who sailed just at another level than everyone landing a backloop even higher than the Helicopter that was flying above the contest area for pictures. For me, I already won my contest by getting to the final and securing a 2nd place in my first international wave contest of the year. It all ended with a great party in the Pub on Saturday and a nice little BBQ on Sunday before leaving to search more wind and waves across the west-coast.

pic. by JC
Next contest in a bit more than a week in Perth at Woodman’s point! For now time to train some more Freestyle and wave in Geraldton.

Cheers Dieter

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