Monday, 19 May 2014

A look back on the EFPT in Podersdorf

Hello everybody

A bit later than I promised but been to nice weather at home to sit behind my computer the whole day, pretty sure you will understand that ;) As promised a little update about the EFPT in Podersdorf with some pictures off the days after the event. If you want to see the onces from during the event make sure to check out the update on the severne website on following link:

So what went wrong in Podersdorf?

Airflaka with on 4.0 just a few days after the event

It’s been my 5th time in Podersdorf since I started competing in Austria. Somehow I really like the place but my results never seem to satisfy me or get close to my level. This year I got another 9th place (4th time already!!) which is the worst result I ever had in the EFPT since 6 years.. The wind was extremely light and it came down to the fact that I did a Culo in the first (and also only gust pretty much) instead of doing a Kono like Jacopo. I knew 9,5 minutes long I had to do just a Kono to advance but just didn’t get the chance to even go for it, quite frustrating.. Anyway that’s how it goes I guess and if they want to push for a result in wind where the biggest gust of the whole competition (besides the finals than there was actually just enough wind to do power moves) was just above 15knts luck gets quite a big factor compared to when its windy.. In the end I still had quite some good free sailing session when there was actually wind and managed to get second in the best trick contest so that made up a bit for the rest.. Tow-in didn’t go as planned as I somehow crashed every trick I went for so competitive wise we can better forget Podersdorf fast!
afternoon session together with Adam Sims

After staying a few days longer in Austria to score some really good sessions on the lake and a little underpowered session under the bridge the forecast at home became the best I’ve seen in months so perfect time to get home! SW wind at its best surprising me the first day with 4.8 full to overpowered conditions at Brouwersdam as I was too convinced at home I wouldn’t need a 4.4 (wrong!!!) but in the end the sun was shining and the wind was blowing so happy days!! 
Airskopu on 4.0, was really windy at this moment just creazy!

Now the windy days are a bit over, time for nice warm weather at home has come but lets hope it doesn’t last to long, only 2 more weeks till I fly to Bonaire so lets hope I still score some other great sessions at home! 

an overpowered session at Brouwersdam on 4.8

Cheers Dieter

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