Thursday, 11 July 2013

June, Island tripping!

Hello everybody

chilling in front of my house

Last month has been pretty hectic with lots of travelling and sailing. After Russia I was home for about 5 days before I started my trip up to Corsica for the Bonifacio event. My dad and me built a bed in my car to get a house on wheels to save some money later on the trip.

On the way up to Corsica I picked up Julien Mas from Le Brusc before taking the boat in Nice which we almost missed as I slept a bit too long.. After a nice sleep in the boat we arrived in Ajaccio and still had to drive for 2 hours through the mountains of Corsica to make it to the villa in Bonifacio. The event took 5 days where we had wind, tow-in a lot of sun but most of all a lot of good moments! I finished 4th overall after winning all the elimination in the windsurfing category in front of Steven which made me super stoked but lost a LOT of points on all the rest (tow-in 2x and light wind freestyle). Nevertheless I got a really great time and want to thank the organisers of this event again for the great organisation! Can’t wait to go back next year!!

 After Corsica I took the boat to Sardinia to start the second part of the trip. All good and well started I was happy to be back on this great Island but I got fast less happy as after being 1 hour on the island my car broke down and didn’t really want to move anymore. Lucky for me my girlfriend could rent a car at the airport (who I was supposed to go and pick up) to make her holiday start perfectly with no stress especially as in the dark I was easy to find without GPS.. The day after the Italian crew came to pick up all my gear to bring it to Porto Pollo so I could sail the next day when the forecast was predicting nice west wind. These 2 days the wind was super, with the first day a bit lighter than expected making 4.8 fully powered up and the second day proper 30-35knts to score some great sailing on the 4.0 prototype of next year which absolutely make you fly!

 After my car got fixed (after 6 days and a nice bill) I finally could tour around again with my own car and sleep where I wanted. My girlfriend left by this time and my sister came over for a short weekend. Instead of writing every day down I sailed I will write down the top moments. I sailed 3 days in Murta Maria with strong east winds before the wind turned to west again and I mostly sailed at Coluccia (a spot a bit upwind of Porto Pollo with free parking) together with Stefanino and scored some amazing days on 4.4 and 4.0. which was good for training!

One day the wind was really strong and there should be some good waves around. Well both where there especially the waves but sadly enough the wind was too onshore which made going out impossible on most spots, the once who went also went out after 10 min as it was too risky and not much fun at all! I tried to find a break that worked and ended up at Platamone, wind was more side shore here but also a lot lighter. After sailing for 2 hours in not the best conditions I decided to go back to Porto Pollo and do an evening session there on 4.0 and the wave board just to get some jumps and have some fun with the instructors of the club. The day after I had my last session at Coluccia again and took the boat back home for the Next Generation Project at Brouwersdam which was a good success and a lot of fun!

Now I’m in Fuerte to prepare for the next world cup, wind is light for the moment but forecast for later in the week is looking good, ready to sail in 4.0 conditions again!

Cheers Dieter

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