Monday, 19 November 2012

EFPT CENTAUR King of the Wind

Hello everybody

It’s been a while since I updated my blog as my last update was from the EFPT in France but the last 2 weeks have been really hectic. After France we went straight to England for the 3rd and last stop of the EFPT.

Arriving one day in front of the competition I got the time to get a bit used to the condition which where pretty flat and cold winds, definitely a big change after South of France. On Saturday we started the competition with great winds, in the beginning of the day it wasn’t that much yet but after the first round the conditions definitely improved making me fully powered up on my 4.8 in my first heat and 4.4 in my second heat. By the time I got to the semi final the wind was so much up and down I didn’t know what sail to take and just went for the biggest one the 4.8 with the 4.4 on the side in case the wind would pick up during the heat and this seemed to be the perfect call as in the middle of the heat I made a really quick switch to my 4.4 to get some more control again but even that was to big by the end of the heat. By the time the final would start the wind completely died going from 30 knts to 5 in about 2 min., which left us waiting for the next day.


In the final heat against Davy the wind started to drop a lot making power moves almost impossible and putting a good heat together also. I gave it my best but in the end just lost really closely against Davy whom did a perfect chacho in front of the judges that made him win.

In the double I could see my Teammate from Severne Rick Jendrusch work himself really well up in the ladder by getting up to 4th place before getting stopped by Adam Gavriel who was than against me for second place. I pumped as hard as I could that heat and still got some nice moves in like Culo, shaka oh etc and had the feeling that there was a bit more wind than in the final of the single which could give me a better chance against Davy. Again I pumped as much as I could in the second final against Davy but didn’t really have much of a chance as Davy put a great heat together and I made some mistakes, which made him win the heat and the event in England.

Overall I still managed to get second on the EFPT tour with only competing at 2 events of the 3 there were this year, which made me very happy and motivated to hopefully get one place higher in the
overall next year!

After England I went straight home to organize everything for my trip to Brazil for 7 weeks, in 4 days I had to take care of booking a flight, getting all my stuff from school ready as before France I didn’t have time for that yet and get everything packed for the flight on Tuesday, in the end it worked out perfectly but it did make my days at home pretty hectic. So far Brazil has been great with wind for 4.8 every day and some really nice conditions at São miguel do gostoso, I can live with these conditions for 6,5 more weeks. The Internet is really bad here so I don’t know how many updates I will be able to do but I will try my best to keep you all up to date!

Cheers Dieter

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