Thursday, 17 May 2012

A sick day of sailing at home

Hello everybody

testing the freek in Western-Australia

Last Friday I had a sick day of sailing at home, 25 knots of wind, not too cold and almost nobody on the water as it was a weekday! The morning was the best and was the perfect moment to test the last prototypes for next year. It’s been a whilesince I sailed small sails but the 4.4 Freek I tested Friday was just insane, I had the feeling there were no limits anymore and could just fly through the air in total control in all my moves!

testing the freek in Western-Australia

 After testing a lot of 4 batten sails in Australia this winter I couldn’t be convinced of the 4 batten systeem and decided together with the guys from SEVERNE to stay with the 5 batten concept for a few goodreasons..

During the testing of the 4 batten sails I always had the feeling that I could never get a good combination between a stable sail which is good for ducking and a sail which gives great lift. Either the sail was super easy toduck but didn’t give me any real lift or it was way harder to duck and gave good lift. So with this in our heads we decided to move away from developing a 4 batten freestyle sail (unlike almost all other brands this year) and stick with a 5 batten version.  Almost immediately I got what I wanted from the sail: easy ducking and insane lift!

testing the freek in Western-Australia

Besides the fact that we could combine stability and lift with the 5 batten sail it also has a much bigger wind range, which is great for places where it’s gusty or really strong wind.   Windsurfers who sail on a freestyle waveboards and who want an allround sail  with stability and windrange will also love the FREEK. 
The main reason other brands have chosen 4 batten versions is to keep the weight low.  SEVERNE sails are already lighter than the other brand’s sails, eliminating the need to drop a batten from the design to save weight.

testing the freek in Western-Australia

I’m stoked at the chance SEVERNE gave me to help develop a sail towards everything a Freestyler needs and I’m super happy with how the sail turned out. The sail helps me to push my own limits and everybody who sails with it. Have a look to the clip below from me last Friday and then you may know what I mean by pushing my limits!

Cheers Dieter

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