Monday, 16 April 2012

Dahab the back-up plan!

Hello Everybody

After waiting already for a week on a good forecast for Bonaire to book my ticket and get some pure freestyle training done I made a last minute plan. As I was going to book my ticket to Bonaire for the upcoming Saturday with still no good forecast I noticed the ticket a week later would be 200 Euros cheaper. With a ticket the next day to Dahab for a week from about 350 euro’s with 4 days of sailing guaranteed looking to the forecast spending 150 Euros more on a ticket for 4 days of good sailing didn’t sound too bad. So said so done both tickets booked and 24 hours later I found myself in warmer Egypt again!
this are all screenshots from a small filming session at baby bay.

The day I arrived the wind died of just a few hours before I came as it is almost always only windy in the morning in Dahab I had the time to get my stuff ready for the next day..
The next day I woke up early and by 8 I was already sailing on 4.7 waiting for the wind to shift less offshore and get the best session of the whole trip started. By 9 the wind turned to the good direction and picked up even more after sailing a small hour overpowered on 4.7 I decided to come in and take my smaller 4.3 sail. I have to say it was the first time I was sailing on death flat water again since a while and it was just SICK!! Everything went perfect that day and gave me really the love again for flat water freestyle. I sailed that day 5 hours before the wind dropped and felt it really well the next day..

The next day it was a nice session from about 3 hours on 4.7 before the wind dropped out earlier than the day before. It was again a great 3 hours of sailing at speedy’s where the water is nice death flat till it becomes too busy around 10.30 as all the guest from the centres are out than. After speedy I would usually go to Kamikazie as it becomes the better option with less people and some wind swell which can be nice for jumping or air moves. On Sunday we got a really nice relaxing day to get our body fresh again for another 2 days of good sailing.

Monday started pretty calm with again a 3 hours session on 4.7 like Saturday. But the most wind we got the next day with a great session on 4.3 fully overpowered in Baby Bay. I didn’t really find my rhythm during the sailing but still it was great to be on the water again knowing the trip for one week was fully worth it! I tried to make the best of it and still went out for a small session on 4.7 in the afternoon before the wind totally died of..

With the last day with no wind although the forecast still really looked good I couldn’t do much else than get my stuff packed again and make myself ready to go home again. With everything packed and ready to go for the next day it was time to go into town to get a nice meal with all the people who made it again an amazing trip and always make me have an amazing time in Dahab . The next day it was an early wake up to get home for 45 hours before leaving to Bonaire! More about that in my next update!

Cheers Dieter

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